Harvey Elliott shares players’ post-match reaction to Darwin Nunez

Harvey Elliott shares players’ post-match reaction to Darwin Nunez

Harvey Elliott has opened up on what was Liverpool‘s dressing room reaction towards the red card to Darwin Nunez.

Elliott shows full support to Nunez

According to Harvey Elliott, all the Liverpool players came together to support Darwin Nunez in the locker room after Monday night’s game.

Nunez was sent off after headbutting Crystal Palace’s Joachim Andersen inexcusably on his Anfield debut.

It’s possible that the incident lost Liverpool three points. However, Elliott said in an interview with LFCTV that when the Liverpool players saw Nunez, they tried to persuade him not to accept responsibility for the missed points.

He said:

“It’s not his fault to be honest because we conceded the goal in the first half which put us in that situation. For him, it’s a learning curve and for the team, it’s our fault as well, it’s not just him, it’s everyone’s fault.

We’re instantly around him trying to lift him up. Obviously he’s very down in the changing room feeling sorry for the team and thinking its his fault, which it’s not, it’s all of our faults. It’s not singlehandedly him it’s us as a collective, so we’re there for him.”

Terrible Home Debut for Darwin Nunez

What do you have to say about Nunez’s psychotic break last night? On Sunday night, it most certainly wasn’t the Anfield debut he would have thought.

The Uruguayan had trouble starting even before he was sent off. In the first half, he had two excellent chances to score that he lost.

However, that is pardonable. It typically takes players some time to adjust to a new squad, and Darwin should be no exception.

It is harder to forgive Andersen’s challenge because it was so foolish. You cannot act in such a way when your team is desperately trying to get back into the game.

That isn’t how Jurgen Klopp wants his players to respond to situations. And the coaching staff will undoubtedly handle it right away.

Without Nunez on the field, Liverpool did indeed improve and even score. Even while it in and of itself doesn’t speak well of the 23-year-old. They would still have had a much better chance of winning the match had there been eleven players on the field.

Additionally, the striker will no longer play in Liverpool’s upcoming three games. That will, in any case, make his integration into the Premier League much more challenging. The fact that it occurs as Liverpool is dealing with an injury problem just makes the situation worse.

Elliott is correct; the group should support Nunez. He won’t benefit from being fed to the lions. But he must immediately realize that Liverpool won’t allow that behaviour. And he must take steps to prevent it from happening again.

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