Former Liverpool midfielder returns to Liverpool in a player/coach role

Former Liverpool midfielder returns to Liverpool in a player/coach role

In a trend which is becoming more and more apparent, Liverpool have witnessed former Liverpool midfielder, Jay Spearing returning to the club as an academy player and coach.

The Reds’ summer recruitment goes beyond a huge £85m deal and the Academy has received a lot of talent, as we say goodbye to the club’s legends.

For example, the acclaimed Ben Doak has landed in Celtic as Liverpool’s youth efforts continue in the post-Brexit world.
However, they are currently looking at a former player who is experienced in Spearing, seeking a role that combines a player for the under-23s with a coaching role.

According to Telegraph’s Chris Bascombe:

Liverpool is “approaching a contract with a 33-year-old player,” “playing with a team under the age of 23,” and “helping coaches” in the younger age group.

What does the former Liverpool midfielder bring?

Alex Inglethorpe, the youth director of the Academy, has begun this move. This will give Liverpool youth direct contact with the veteran pro, who has played 55 games for Liverpool.

Spearing rose through the ranks in Melwood. He had joined Liverpool’s academy at the age of 16 in 2004, then left Liverpool in 2013. He spent two years in Tranmere and then returned to the club. The 33-year-old is not a newcomer to the club’s academy. In recent years, he has played 35 times in Tranmere last season. He has pursued a coaching career in parallel with his playing career.

His arrival at the academy could also pave the way for arranging a series of loan moves for those who are ready to take the next step out of youth football. We still don’t know how many games he will play for his under-23s. But when Spearing returns to where everything started in 2004, his role will be welcomed.

Manchester United signed a similar initiative last year with former Hull centre-back Paul McShane, but the 36-year-old has left under the age of 23.

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