Fans are divided over the “trippy” new photographs of the Liverpool away kit

Fans are divided over the “trippy” new photographs of the Liverpool away kit

Liverpool have released their new away kit. And Recent leaks of new images of Liverpool’s away uniform for the 2022–23 season have divided fans with an unconventional Nike design.

Liverpool leaked 2022/23 new away kit

Liverpool’s new away kit for the next season has been leaked and it’s kind of dividing the fans.

Liverpool kits are usually a treat to the eyes.

The Red home jersey never fails to impress. But it’s the away kit that divides the fans and this year is also the same. Even though for the past few years Nike has got the away kit spot on. This year might be different.

The Reds will sport an ambitious iridescent pattern over a white backdrop for away games next season.

With Nike testing out alternate uniforms for the 2022–23 season, it might be the most contentious shirt ever created for Liverpool.

Prior leaks verified the basic layout of the uniform. But now, thanks to the Turkish website Esvaphane, authentic photos of the away jersey have surfaced:

Fans’ Reaction

The jersey doesn’t seem to impress the fans. With a fan tweeting that if the back was just completely white it would look a lot better. And he is not a fan of the awkward cut-off. And it would’ve looked better with a name/number filling the gap though.

Fan tweeting it looks like a 2003 TV when the satellite dish fell over.

Another said why is it impossible for one of the biggest companies in the world with infinite resources to make a set of 3 good kits.

While there was a set of fans who were happy, one said This’ll be the kit we score like 4 or 5 a game in, like the orange third kit in 17/18.

While one liked the kit and called it a banger.

What do you think of Liverpool’s 2022–23 away kit?

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