FA Cup Final: Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea (6-5 penalties): Player Ratings

FA Cup Final: Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea (6-5 penalties): Player Ratings

It was dramatic and tight, but Liverpool prevailed in another penalty shootout. The Reds defeated Chelsea 6-5 on penalties following another deadlock. Let’s take a look at the player ratings in this major FA Cup victory for Liverpool over Chelsea.

FA Cup – Liverpool vs Chelsea: Player Ratings

Goalkeepers & Defenders

Allison Becker (GK) – 9/10

Early keepie uppies displayed Alisson’s calm and serene temperament.

He wasn’t without work, though, as he needed clean hands and quick feet — his close-range stop on Marcos Alonso demonstrated his brilliance in 1v1 circumstances. He took a knock for his efforts.

Before being decisive in the penalty shootout, he very well switched on at the start of the second half. What a man!

Trent Alexander-Arnold (RB) – 8/10

His Jaw-dropping defense-splitting passes were mixed in with a superb goalmouth clearance and a touch off the toe of Pulisic. And his recovery quickness was crucial for Liverpool throughout.

Alexander-Arnold was a frequent visitor on the pitch. His influence rose as the game progressed – as his penalty demonstrated.

Ibrahima Konate (CB) – 8/10

Konate’s inclusion in the starting XI appeared inevitable. He played every FA Cup game leading up to the final. His quickness and physicality were a good mix against Chelsea.

Konate, frequently the clear target for Romelu Lukaku, was confident and up to the challenge.

Konate was not only firm in the physical battle, but he was also clean in possession, which aided Liverpool’s forward progress.

Virgil van Dijk (CB) – 7/10

Van Dijk was a composed figure at the back, maintaining the Reds’ defensive line’s discipline throughout standard time.

Despite signals that he was not entirely at ease, Chelsea looked to avoid his side in favor of Konate. His substitution evidenced his problems before the start of extra time for another injury concern.

One can only hope it was a precautionary measure.

Andy Robertson (LB) – 7/10

The Scot returned to the final after a midweek rest. He refilled his energy levels with a vibrant performance until it proved too much in extra time.

You couldn’t have guessed it from the start, but he had two golden chances at the back post. One which hit his midsection and the other narrowly missing the upright. Hopefully, the cramp was only towards the end.


Jordan Henderson (CDM) – 8/10

Ten years after Liverpool’s last FA Cup final, the captain was back in the starting lineup for the showpiece, replacing injured Fabinho at No. 6.

He Was willing to play balls over the top and exploit the space behind Chelsea via Mane and Diaz while also providing a disciplined line behind them.

At Wembley, I wouldn’t be surprised if he covered every possible blade of grass.

Thiago (CM) – 8/10

Whether he’s gazing at his target or not, the man exudes authority on and off the ball. Thiago shined as part of a midfield trio that started together for the first time.

Some of the tackles and interventions were well received by referee Craig Pawson, while others were not.

Late on, one was affected by weariness, but that could be true of practically the entire team. Still, their elite attitude shined through once more.

Naby Keita (CM) – 8/10

He was frequently the furthest forward midfielder, keen to get involved in both aspects of the game, with his pressing a standout characteristic.

Because of his awareness and location, he had numerous opportunities to shoot and set up his teammates. Still, he could not find the winning touch before leaving the game after 73 minutes.


Mohammed Salah (RW) – N/A

The encounter ended far too quickly for the No. 11, raising doubts about his chances of appearing in the Champions League final in 14 days.

After a slow start in comparison to his teammates, Salah appeared to have an upper thigh or groin ailment before the half-hour mark. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.

Luis Diaz (LW) – 9.5/10 – Man of the Match

Talk about posing a threat to the opposition.

Diaz was the Reds’ most dangerous threat. His excellent positioning allows his teammates to play balls into his path instinctively.

He looked destined to score on several occasions, but the post was an inch too thick, and the Columbian had Anfield South roaring him on with every touch.

He gave a performance that lacked only one thing: a goal. Diaz is well and truly our Man of the Match.

Sadio Mane (CF) – 7/10

Mane, who had scored eight goals in his previous 11 games, had a quieter showing at Wembley as he resumed his central role.

The Senegalese Offered plenty of assistance running the opposite direction while exploiting the half-spaces with the chance to then turn at the other – his touch and final decision-making letting him down at times. A missed penalty? Not to worry.


Diego Jota (RW) – 7/10

An earlier than expected arrival, Jota was involved in plenty and had a number of chances to get on the scoresheet, but he lacked the final clinical touch.

James Milner (CM) – 7.5/10

As expected, plunged himself into the fray and provided another voice from a leader in the middle of the pitch, as well as another penalty.

Joel Matip (CB) – 7.5/10

It will be difficult for anyone to walk into a high-pressure position at the start of extra time, but Matip handled it well.

Roberto Firmino (CF) – 6.5/10

It was his first appearance since the FA Cup semi-final in mid-April, and it showed with a few rusty touches, but he converted the penalty.

Kostas Tsimikas (LB) – 8.5/10

THE HERO. That penalty is something the Greek Scouser will never forget, and he shouldn’t. What a Hit!

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