The Egypt FA condemns Senegalese supporters of racism and vandalism on the team bus

The Egypt FA condemns Senegalese supporters of racism and vandalism on the team bus

Egypt FA accused the fans of the Senegalese team after their second leg of world cup qualifiers. The Senegal fans reportedly had thrown ‘rocks’ and ‘water bottles’ at the players during warm-ups before the game.

This did not go down well, as they also targeted Egypt captain Mohamed Salah and went on to abuse him ‘racially’. All of this was happening during the game as well as afterwards.

Egypt FA complain of Flashlight and Vandalism on the Bus

When Mo Salah stepped on to take an important penalty of the game, there were lasers flashed on his face. This had led to the ‘Liverpool Star’ being distracted and swinging the penalty way above the Senegal Goalkeeper.

Not only this, a section of Senegal supporters have also cast ‘racial slurs’ on the player.

Whereas, after the match, a few fans also ‘threw rocks’ at the Egypt team bus which broke the windows as well as injured the players inside.

The Egypt FA are obviously not happy with this happening at the International level. They have gone and registered a complaint, posted pictures of the ‘incident’ and ‘explained’ everything on their Social Media page.

The comments of Egypt FA

The statement issued by the Egyptian FA was,

The Egypt national team have been exposed to racism with offensive signs in the stands against the Egyptian players in general, and Mohamed Salah in particular.

The crowd also intimidated the players by throwing bottles and rocks on them during the warm-up.

The Egyptian group’s busses have also been exposed to assaults that led to broken windows and injuries; filed with pictures and videos as proof in the complaint submitted.

After this statement, the global football governing body FIFA spoke about the situation,

FIFA is currently in the process of analyzing the official match reports of the FIFA World Cup qualifier match between Senegal and Egypt.

The relevant information included in the match reports will be evaluated by the competent disciplinary bodies before deciding on the next steps to be taken

Senegal through to the World Cup

Before the drama unfurled, the Senegal team had dominated the match and got an early break-through, thanks to a fourth-minute own goal by Hamid Fathi.

The match then went on to penalties, as the aggregate scores were tied at 1-1. Senegal won 3-1 on penalties, with fellow Liverpool forward Sadio Mane scoring the winner.

As part of the footballing community and fans, we should take measures to ‘condemn racism and stop it’, one small step of ours could bring out a huge significance.

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