Darwin Nunez’s worrying outburst to Virgil Van Dijk has gone viral

Darwin Nunez is Liverpool's record signing. But Nunez is yet to put in a decent performance, and the forward got angry at Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk in the latest footage.

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Darwin Nunez is Liverpool‘s record signing. But Nunez is yet to put in a decent performance, and the forward got angry at Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk in the latest footage.

After the video of Darwin Nunez’s angry outburst against Virgil van Dijk emerged, theories that he has a confidence issue resurfaced.

Liverpool bought Nunez from Benfica during the summer transfer window. This made him the club’s record acquisition. He has, however, found it difficult to live up to his high price tag and is now on a streak of six games without scoring in all competitions.

His annoyance seems to be increasing as he continues to fail to score for the Reds. These were shown on Tuesday evening when Jurgen Klopp’s team beat Rangers 2-0 in the Champions League.

Nunez is seen in the latest video cursing at Van Dijk after failing to score once more. The attacker went toward the Dutchman as they ran back into position five minutes before halftime.

What Nunez said to Virgil Van Dijk

Then, after receiving what seemed to be some support from Van Dijk, he reportedly said: “No quiere entrar Hermano.” It loosely translates to “Brother, it (the ball) doesn’t want to go in.”

Nunez had started in front for the Reds at Anfield. And he had yet another forgettable evening. He took a total of six shots. Out of the six, four were on goal. While another was deflected by the Rangers’ defense.

Nunez Said:

“The truth is, I honestly don’t understand anything when he (Klopp) talks in team talks. Of course, I ask my teammates to see what he said. But I think he was very clear about his style of play.

Sometimes I feel a little indecisive, I don’t feel completely confident. But as time goes on, it gets better. The coach always gives me confidence, like Pep and Vitor, who are the ones who always translate for us. He gives me confidence. And also my companions, who always talk to me, tell me to stay calm.

When they talk, I feel calmer because I know that if I do something wrong, they will always support me. And I will also always be here to support them, it’s a very united group. I have to show my game to the coach and be calmer when it’s time to shoot.

The goal will come. It’s like ketchup. When it comes out a little, it all comes out.”

Klopp is maintaining his composure regarding the issues Nunez is facing since his arrival. And he felt that Nunez had a strong performance despite not scoring on Tuesday night.

According to Klopp, the boys’ linkup play in the front today was incredibly, exceptionally good, considering they had only practised it once. It was something new for us.

Liverpool had one low-intensity practice thus far because we’ve only recently begun playing. Darwin’s ability is evident through his consistent performances. Everyone in the match saw this happening, so everything is good.

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