How can Klopp manage the Liverpool line-up if he plays Trent in the midfield

Trent and Liverpool manager Klopp

The passing accuracy and the number of assists speak for themselves. What if Klopp played Trent Alexander-Arnold in the Liverpool midfield?

Jurgen to consider Trent in the Liverpool midfield?

Alexander-Arnold played right back for Liverpool, but depending on the opposition, his teammates, and the circumstances of the game, Klopp said, he regularly played in midfield. Alexander-Arnold is less of a full-back than he is a very excellent footballer, similar to Reece James, Joao Cancelo, Oleksandr Zinchenko, and others.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is not particularly adept at defense, which makes him different from the Liverpool mastermind and the aforementioned competitors.

Actually, to call him bad would be to give him too much credit. There are several instances where he has successfully defended. This implies that when he doesn’t defend, either he’s too stupid to see that he should be, or his pride has gotten so big that he just isn’t interested.

At this point in the season’s first eight games, Alexander-Arnold has cost Liverpool more than he has gained them. His one goal—amazing as it was—came in the 9-0 thrashing of Bournemouth, he has yet to offer an assist, and the 4-1 loss to Napoli gave his detractors more than enough ammunition to prevail even without more instances of his brain shutting down when he was required to defend.

But no one can really tell, word by word, why Jurgen prefers Trent as the right-back. This is something that works. And we have seen it season after season. Even if someday, Jurgen indulges him in the midfield, it would certainly be fruitful. The scouser has amazing passing abilities.

A little consideration and assumption

Joe Gomez, who has struggled mightily at centre back, could be moved to the wide position, where he has always seemed at ease, and playing Alexander-Arnold just in front of him in the area primarily occupied by Harvey Elliott this season would unquestionably strengthen the team’s defence while also giving them arguably more creativity and a goal threat.

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