Darwin Nunez’s Shocking Revelation About Jurgen Klopp’s Departure – You Wouldn’t Believe What He Said!

Darwin Nunez’s Shocking Revelation About Jurgen Klopp’s Departure – You Wouldn’t Believe What He Said!

Darwin Nunez himself has clarified that he could not believe Jurgen Klopp was leaving Liverpool, signalling he had no rift with the German manager.

It has been a week and a half since beloved Reds manager Jurgen Klopp said his last goodbye to Anfield in an emotional farewell.

The fans and the players were all in much pain to let go of the man who had created a beautiful legacy at the Merseyside club and multiplied the glory of the club.

However, controversy erupted when all the players were clapping for the legendary German manager while standing in the guard of honour but a certain Darwin Nunez was seen not clapping.

Fans were quick to notice this and jumped to the conclusion that the Uruguayan and the former Dortmund boss are at daggers drawn.

Nunez’s previous act of deleting all Liverpool-related photos from his Instagram account has solidified the rumours even further.

Darwin Nunez ‘Shocked’ By Jurgen Klopp Leaving

Despite all the claims, the forward was seen later on the same day dancing with the man who brought him in at Liverpool for a club record fee of £85M at the leaving party for the manager and other coaching staff and players who are exiting this summer.

Nunez has clarified further that his relation with Klopp has not deteriorated. He stated,

“We were all a little shocked by Klopp’s departure, no-one expected it. It is a shame that he is leaving.

I personally would like him to leave in a big way, winning things, and it didn’t happen that way. It’s also a shame for the players. I wish him the best in the world.”

This shows that even though things might seem a little off on surface level, the deep-rooted respect has been always there.

The Liverpool No. 9 is currently busy with preparations for Copa America with Uruguayan national team. Speaking about the plans, Nunez said,

“The hope is to go step by step. The first objective is to pass the group stage and then fight all the games that are going to be played and try to do our best to win the cup.

We have already shown against Brazil and Argentina, we are a team of many young players on the right path. We all have good quality and there is a reason we are here in the national team and in big clubs.”

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