A significant distinction between Manchester United and Liverpool as emphasized by Gary Neville

A significant distinction between Manchester United and Liverpool as emphasized by Gary Neville

Gary Neville hits out at Glazer’s family as Man United prepare to take on Liverpool for their next EPL fixture.

The Reds will have to analyze when the focus shifts to Manchester United at the beginning of the following week.

Before that, Jurgen Klopp will entirely be preparing for underdogs Crystal Palace. But there will undoubtedly be plenty of opportunities to take advantage of when the study is complete.

A further indication of how quickly a United team’s a nearly ten-year decline from greatness has sped during the past year or so. It is their 4-0 thrashing against Brentford on Saturday night. This was possibly the lowest point of it all. at least until now.

How the mighty have fallen

The Erik ten Hag era got off to the worst possible start. They played two games, lost them, six goals conceded, and only one goal scored—an own goal. The Red Devils had the worst start to a season in more than a century. They are currently last in the Premier League.

Therefore, United is in desperate need of a visit from Klopp’s team right now. It will irk them that Liverpool and City are their fiercest rivals when they are hurtling away from the summit. Both teams are currently the best teams in England and probably the world. The Stretford End faithful must currently feel as though they are in a fever dream.

Liverpool ran wild on their visit to Old Trafford last year. They went on to win 5-0 on one of the most memorable days of Klopp’s reign. Numerous United supporters had left the stadium before the half, with the visitors leading by four goals.

One social media movement that has made news recently is urging supporters to skip the first half of the match this time. Aidan Walsh, a United supporter who has over 185,000 followers on his @AidanWalshMUFC account, is working to get fans to avoid Old Trafford when Liverpool visits in an effort to send a message to their American owners, the Glazers family.

Gary Neville citicism shows the difference between Liverpool and Man United

After the loss, it was strange to hear Red Devils veteran Gary Neville take aim at the Glazers. At the moment, Liverpool and United feel poles apart from one another in so many ways.

He said:

“The embedded failure over a 10-year period and where the club is currently at has to come back to the ownership. I blamed (former CEO) Ed Woodward for a long time. But the reality is the Glazer family left him in situ when he shouldn’t have been left in situ in charge of the football side.

I think Ed would have done a good job on the business side. They’ve still not dealt with the football operation. They’ve still not dealt with the players and the recruitment department. And they’ve still not dealt with the stadium, which is rusting and needs massive money spent on it.

Manchester United need £ 1 billion spent on it in these next two or three years to either rebuild or renovate that stadium. They probably need another £500 or £600m for the training ground and other infrastructure projects and football investment. They’ve only got £40m or £50m left in the bank.

They were cash-rich three years ago. They had £350m in the bank. They’ve no longer got that money left in the bank, something is going to have to give soon. Very, very soon.”

While some may criticize Liverpool’s decision to forgo signing a new midfielder before the transfer window closed, the Glazers’ criticism at least brings the benefits of Fenway Sports Group into sharp relief. When compared to United’s fall, these complaints are rather mild.

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