A perfect end to the two-leg tie as Liverpool held City for another draw

A perfect end to the two-leg tie as Liverpool held City for another draw

Manchester City vs Liverpool, the match everyone was waiting for finally happened at the Etihad stadium. The stadium was full and even the fans were full of energy. The supporters made their voices heard.

The game ended in a draw once again the score was the same as it was at Anfield, 2-2. All the players were full of energy and all the fans witnessed a very beautiful game. The result of this game did not change anything between the 2 sides and Liverpool are still 1 point behind the League Leaders Manchester City. Let’s have a look at the 2 halves added to this amusing football rivalry between two of the best clubs across Europe.

Manchester City vs Liverpool: Dominance of the Citizens

Manchester City started the game very positively and created chances early and also scored in the 5th minute due to the courtesy of Kevin De Bruyne. After the goal, Liverpool was constantly attacking, and in the 13th minute, Diogo Jota managed to level the game after many good passes. The game was going at a very fast pace after that goal.

The match was very intense and after 37 minutes Gabriel Jesus broke the deadlock and scored a goal. Joao Cancelo’s long cross made it very easy for Jesus to score.

The Crucial 2nd Half goal

When the second half started Liverpool seemed to have positive intent and Sadio Mane scored in the 46th minute which made the game level again. Raheem Sterling scored a goal in the 63rd minute which made all the fans shout by happiness but then the goal was disallowed by VAR.

After that Liverpool and Manchester City, both had many good chances but they were not able to convert. Players like Luiz Diaz, Riyad Mahrez, Naby Keita, Jack Grealish and Roberto Firmino came in the match with full energy hoping to help the team win.

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