£45m rated playmaker Piotr Zielinski tipped to join Liverpool

£45m rated playmaker Piotr Zielinski tipped to join Liverpool

Liverpool are tipped to be the destination of a £45m rated Piotr Zielinski. Liverpool may also be looking to land him as he is apparently ‘better than De Bruyne’.

Premier League is, undoubtedly, the best football league in the world.

Be it in terms of quality, quantity, or money, it’s always on top.

And sometimes players don’t live up to the Premier League level and leave the league as a failure.

Kevin De Bruyne was one such player. He failed at Stamford Bridge and joined Wolfsburg.

But what a comeback story it has been for him as he made a comeback to the league and has been its best playmaker.

Liverpool may sign Piotr Zielinski


But what if we tell you Liverpool can sign a player better than him?

You don’t have to think. As The Reds may be able to land 28-year-old Napoli playmaker Piotr Zielinski.

According to Italian agent Gianluca di Carlo, the player would have no trouble stepping up to a club like Real Madrid or Premier League powerhouse Liverpool.

If you have a strong memory, you might remember that we’ve already seen the Poland international wearing Liverpool’s uniform.

During Jurgen Klopp’s first summer in charge at Anfield, the Merseysiders were inches away from acquiring a young Zielinski from Empoli for £11.5 million. Even as a 22-year-old, the player was seen posing for photos wearing the Liverpool uniform.

That was before Napoli completed a £13 million deal to nab Zielinski from under Klopp’s nose.

But how can we evaluate Zielinski, who is now 28 years old, after six years in Naples? A competent rather than exceptional player? Or perhaps an unappreciated, undervalued talent who would excel alongside other players who possess greater talent?

After all, Zielinski has recently been referred to be “perfect for Manchester City.” A football player who, if he adds more ruthlessness to his game, might become “better than Kevin de Bruyne.”

Player’s Future

One agent who is tracking the youngster from early on said:

“I have known him since he was 16. He is a great player.

In my opinion, he could go and play for (the big) teams tomorrow, like Liverpool or Real Madrid. In short, Napoli is right to keep him.

Therefore, I don’t think – unless there are offers from great clubs – that he will leave.”

Earlier this summer, Tottenham Hotspur had been connected to Zielinski, who is valued at around £45 million. But he swiftly put an early stop to those rumors by pledging his future to Napoli. He said:

“I don’t understand where these rumors come from.

I don’t think my adventure at Napoli will end this summer. I’ve got an important contract that will last another two years. I feel good in Naples.

The desire to leave the club never came out of my mouth. I want to continue with Napoli because they are a great team.

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