30-year-old Liverpool player dazzled Klopp and his teammates with his dribbling skills

30-year-old Liverpool player dazzled Klopp and his teammates with his dribbling skills

Liverpool training sessions are always fun to watch. Let us see how this 30-year-old player amazed Klopp and the entire Liverpool team through his skills.

Not every iconic footballing moment is captured inside the 90 minutes of a match.

Many are filmed outside in the streets, in the Sunday leagues, and also during the training sessions.

Training sessions have given us a lot of great clips and stories.

Be it Ronaldinho’s crossbar youtube challenge, Messi’s angrily dribbling past all the Barcelona defenders, Milner winning the lactate test for 8 years in a row, etc.

So, in short, training sessions are an important part of footballing entertainment.

Liverpool player showing off his dribbling skills

A similar event happened in Liverpool’s training session.

As Joel Matip stunned his colleagues and the coaching staff yesterday with an incredible solo goal during Liverpool practice.

The goal was so outstanding that it had to be posted on the official Liverpool FC Twitter account. First, Matip stole the ball from the other team’s Roberto Firmino.

He then avoided a three-way challenge from Tyler Morton, Carvalho, and Firmino to oohs and ahs from the coaching staff. Moving closer to the goal, Matip dodged Joe Gomez before converting with his outside of the boot, giving Marcelo Pitaluga no chance.

Matip lost his starting role last year, which resulted in him sitting on the bench for the Champions League final.

Matip was a little underappreciated in the warranted commotion surrounding Ibrahima Konate’s performances. He had seldom stepped wrong all season, and nonetheless.

I think that’s just the way having such depth of strength is. However, it reinforces the notion that the 30-year-old is a victim of underappreciation.

These confusing runs have practically become Matip’s brand. When trying to break down a low block, Liverpool should have these options available. May they last for a while.

The conclusion of the previous season had the impression that Matip was handing the mantle to Konate. The Cameroonian will turn 31 this summer, and considering his history of injuries, it is uncertain how long he will be able to continue playing.

He played 43 appearances last season despite this, which was a record for him at Liverpool. He might begin the season as Virgil Van Dijk’s partner if he can continue in this vein before Konate rejoins the team this weekend.

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