2022/23 Premier League Season for Liverpool from start to finish

2022/23 Premier League Season for Liverpool from start to finish

It’s that time of year again. The time when thoughts turn to the possibilities for the months to come. But when does precisely the Premier League season for Liverpool begins and ends?

The Reds ended painfully behind Man City in the Premier League last season for the second time in four years.

It gives Jurgen Klopp’s team plenty of motivation to improve upon their current performance in 2022–2023, a season that the World Cup will impact in Qatar.

When does it all start for Liverpool, who have another demanding schedule ahead of them after their preseason adventures?

When does the Premier League season start?

The last day of the season will be May 28. It will see all games begin at 4 p.m., as is customary.

For the last game, Liverpool is travelling to the south coast to take on Southampton. Hopefully, they will have much to celebrate!

The season then lasts for 42 weeks.

Following the Premier League season are the FA Cup final (June 3) and the Champions League final (June 10).

What about the World Cup?

The domestic calendar had to be changed due to the World Cup having to be played in the winter.

Before starting again on Boxing Day, the Premier League will play one final match over the weekend of November 12–13.

After that break, Liverpool plays Southampton (H) and Aston Villa (A), respectively.

Liverpool Premier League full-season fixture list

Midway through June, Liverpool learned their schedule for the 2022–23 campaign; however, all of the times and dates have yet to be finalized.

However, we do know that Klopp’s team will play their season opener at Fulham. It will be followed by their first home game against Crystal Palace the following week, and their third match at Man United.

The schedule for the 2022–23 Premier League season can be seen in its entirety here.

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