10 additional images of the ongoing ‘Anfield Road End’ extension come from Liverpool

10 additional images of the ongoing ‘Anfield Road End’ extension come from Liverpool

There can be seen ‘immense’ progress at the Liverpool Stadium, for the ‘Anfield Road End’ extension, as the stadium did not feature any game for around 3 weeks. Since there was not much ‘movement’ in and around the stadium the work done is showing ‘significant’ progress already.

The extension is going to see the stand increase its seating capacity by 7,000 seats.

Anfield Road expansion

End result of the Anfield Road End extension

Extending the Anfield Road End stand by another 7,000 would see the total capacity of the stand going to 15,967 seats. This will take the total stadium capacity to 61,000 and will be among the Top 5 biggest stadiums in the League.

It is understood that out of the new 7,000 seats 2,000 could be in use for ‘hospitality’ purposes. The rest is to be open to the general public.

Anfield Road extension

Update from Liverpool MD

The Liverpool Football Club Managing Director Andy Hughes has provided an update on the ongoing project work, he stated,

The main news is that we’re actually on track.

As you can see on-site there has been an enormous amount of development.

I’m really pleased that we’re on track because it’s been really challenging from a weather point of view, but Buckingham Group – the contractor – have done a fantastic job managing through that.

The Managing Director was really happy with the work pace. He is optimistic that the work would be completed by the start of the next season.

Liverpool - Anfield Road

Duration of the work

This ‘extension work’ is carried on by the ‘Buckingham Group’. They were also involved in building the stadium of a few other Premier League clubs as well.

The ‘Stand extension is expected to be completed by the end of next season. Extensive Enhancements to the interior-Exterior Concourses are to take place, in conjunction with the redevelopment of the Main Stand.

As the stand will now be able to accommodate more fans, one can only expect it to get noisier and in full support of ‘The Reds’.

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