Tottenham player admits he was ’embarrassed’ when Liverpool let him go

Alfie Devine, ex Liverpool player

Ex-Liverpool player Alfie Devine has been featured in The Athletic as a part of the ‘ My Football Journey’ project.

Alfie Devine opens up about his experience with his boyhood club LFC. The 18-year-old youngster is currently a Spurs player. He made his debut in the FA Cup tie back in the 20/21 season and scored in his first appearance itself.

Alfie Devine struggle Post Liverpool

That match and goal earned him the Spur’s first team and Tottenham’s youngest-ever goal scorer, at just 16 years 163 days old. Devine was part of the Red’s academy until the age of 11 when he was released from the team.

He was then picked up by another English side Wigan Athletic, before making his final debut with Merseyside Giant’s top 4 competitors Tottenham Hotspurs.

Revelation at interview

On speaking with The athletic, the current Lilywhites player explains

“ I was in year seven when I was released by Liverpool. The hardest part was worrying about what my mates were going to say. Feeling embarrassed about it when you shouldn’t.”

He also said

“ I didn’t want to go to school because people would ask, ‘ why aren’t you at Liverpool anymore?’ You don’t want to say you got released.”

“But it’s not really a bad thing, lots of top professionals have been released from clubs at an early age.”

The Reds point of view

Liverpool are a top English club that has the ambition to be the greatest football club in the world. To fulfill that objective sometimes the team has to take a certain harsh decision for the benefit of both parties. Thus, these harsh decisions affect players like Alfie. But rejections are important for every player to reach his true potential.

The Reds are currently sitting in the sixth position and are challenging the top 4 alongside Spurs. After such a disappointing start, will Liverpool finally be able to change their current situation?

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