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Breaking: Arsenal Handed Premier League Points Deduction Boost Over Liverpool as Table Reshuffles!

Sohom Chatterjee- February 29, 2024

Arsenal gain advantage over Liverpool from the new decision regarding Everton's point deduction in the Premier League. The Gunners might have gotten an edge over ... Read More

Breaking: English Giants ‘Threaten Premier League With Legal Action’ Over New Sponsorship Rules

Sohom Chatterjee- February 20, 2024

European champions Manchester City have reportedly threatened the Premier League with legal action over the new rule regarding sponsorship deals. The New PL Rule The ... Read More

Liverpool: Potential £415m Transfer Boost with New Premier League Rules

Shrestha Srivastav- February 10, 2024

Liverpool Football Club may undergo a significant financial transformation, with talks of new regulations potentially unlocking a massive £415 million transfer budget. This development could ... Read More