Should Liverpool prioritise Jude Bellingham in next summer’s transfer window?

Should Liverpool prioritise Jude Bellingham in next summer’s transfer window?

Will Jude Bellingham move to Liverpool by the end of next summer’s transfer window? This looks interesting as the Reds have not spent big in recent years.

There is hype around the corner that Liverpool could potentially go for the move. He is one of the most promising young footballers in the world right now. Jude can offer a lot of variety on the pitch. He has been currently shining for the German club Borussia Dortmund.

The question arises in our mind as to where can Jurgen Klopp fit him? With Liverpool already having a power-packed midfield unit, will Jude Bellingham be a regular starter? Liverpool will certainly go for him keeping the injury crisis in mind.    

The interesting part here is that Liverpool have never spent big on any player. The highest they spent was on Virgil Van Dijk, whom they bought for £75 million from Southampton. Apart from that, all their quality buys have come in for lesser costs.

Bellingham to Liverpool: is it a possibility in the next transfer window?

Should Liverpool move for Jude Bellingham next summer?

Will this record fee of £100 million for Jude Bellingham turn out to be a profitable move for Liverpool? If you have to look for a long term plan down the line, it does seem good. Jude Bellingham under a world-class manager like Jurgen Klopp, who can nourish diamonds out of gold could turn to be a win-win situation.

People will still have doubts about spending 100 million on this young lad. The reason could be because he is still naive.

Jude Bellingham possesses great qualities and looks great for his age and everyone know about his potential. Thus, he is gaining a lot of attention from all the top European clubs. If his magnificent potential transforms into a great experience, it will definitely pay off well for Liverpool.

Thus, this move would do well for the Reds. Jude Bellingham does fit Liverpool’s style of play and this should urge them to go for him. His contribution could turn out to be immense for the Reds.   

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