Premier League – Man United 2-1 Liverpool: Player Ratings

Premier League – Man United 2-1 Liverpool: Player Ratings

Liverpool FC‘s poor start to the season continues as they go down to fierce rivals Manchester United, let’s have a look at the player ratings for the Reds.

Manchester United vs Liverpool FC: Player Ratings

Goal Keepers and Defenders

Alisson Becker (GK) – 6.5/10

Alisson had been hoping for a peaceful evening in goal. But he was made to watch his team struggle in front of him.

On a Christian Eriksen free-kick, he made several vital touches. But occasionally, as has been the case recently far too often, his distribution was weak.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (RB) – 4.5/10

Sorry Trent, but if you continue defending in this manner, the story will not finish.

The right-back was all over the place in the opening period. He was given a yellow card and was caught out of position for Jadon Sancho’s goal.

Poor passing, errant crosses, and balls aiming at Salah that fail to locate him.

Joe Gomez (CB) – 5/10

For the first time since 2020, Gomez and Virgil van Dijk started together. But it wasn’t a joyful reunion; rather, it was a night to forget.

Before Marcus Rashford went past him for the second goal. Gomez was arguably the best of a dismal collection of first-half defenders.

This was a rough night, but there were worse ones.

Virgil van Dijk (CB) – 4/10

This season, Van Dijk has fallen short of his peerless best. And his performance against Liverpool was one of his worst ever.

The Dutchman made an appallingly careless attempt to block Sancho’s strike and was blasted by Milner for it later. The Dutchman was also weak for the initial goal.

Andrew Robertson (LB) – 5.5/10

Liverpool player ratings

Robertson and Sadio Mane used to communicate telepathically. But he hasn’t yet connected with Luis Diaz down the left wing.

Sancho was able to overcome Liverpool’s left-back several times because he was caught off guard and didn’t contribute nearly enough offensively.

Concerning such a relentless player, lacked energy. He was exploited last season, so it may not be shocking.


Jordan Henderson (CM)- 3/10

After Fabinho’s surprising absence, Henderson took the No. 6 spot since he operated in a position that might become more frequent as he gets older.

The captain was terrible, not protecting the defense and frequently yelling at others while he had equal responsibility with everyone else.

Awful, especially on the second goal, where the ball was lost and recovered poorly. Dire.

Elliot (CM) – 5.5/10

Elliott was one of the few rare brighter spots of the campaign up to this time. And Jurgen Klopp has shown genuine faith in him by retaining him in the team.

The young guy from Liverpool was the smartest and did contribute some much-needed cunning and effort.

Although he wasn’t at fault, he was a member of a midfield that lacked control and had a poor defensive play, which contributed to Sancho’s goal.

He is frequently too wide in the middle of the field when we’re defending. This enables United to simply slice through the middle of the field.

Milner (CM) – 5/10

At the age of 36, James Milner shouldn’t be making his Old Trafford start.

When he does, the veteran puts forth a lot of effort but produces little in return.

He was too slow to a lot of balls and cumbersome in possession. And overall, he had a little beneficial impact on the proceedings.

constantly fought with Van Dijk, implying that things are not well at Liverpool right now.


Mohamed Salah (RW) – 6/10

Salah, who famously hit a hat-trick at Old Trafford last season, was hoping to carry on his hot streak against United.

But as has done far too frequently this season, he was driven to the sidelines, well marked and without any service.

He kept making an effort to close the deficit. And with a header, he was successful in doing so.

Luis Diaz (LW) – 5/10

Diaz made every effort to influence events. But Diogo Dalot bested him and ultimately won.

This was a game where Mane was missing on the left side. The Senegalese was more of a natural goal threat. Poked wide after one great piece of play and faded as the minutes progressed.

Roberto Firmino (CF) – 3/10

Darwin Nunez was suspended. Thus, Firmino should have led the line instead of frequently finding himself deep in midfield.

The Brazilian was anonymous both on and off the ball, a weak copy of the once-great player who used to light up games.

An air kick and one careless scooped pass in a decent position when an easier ball was on summed up a dreary evening.


Fabinho (CM) – 5.5/10

I merely saw a header saved; that was all. Even though he has recently been out of form, it seems strange that he didn’t start.

Fabio Carvalho (CM) – 6.5/10

David De Gea’s save of a shot before Salah’s goal made a difference. At this rate, games ought to be started.

Kostas Tsimikas (LB) – N/A

No actual time to make a difference. It might be worthwhile to start him in order to prevent Robertson from losing it.

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