Premier League – Liverpool 2-1 Leicester City: Player Ratings

Liverpool vs Leicester City Player Ratings

With two own goals earning a comeback three points, Liverpool’s final game of 2022 finished with a home victory over Leicester, but it was hardly classic Reds.

The Reds are slowly building on to the Premier League momentum and looking to keep this rhythm.

Goalkeeper & Defenders

Alisson Becker (7.5/10)

Due to a nonexistent midfield and defense, he was defeated before he had even touched the ball. Despite several runners coming at him after that, he didn’t have much more to do in the first half. However, in the second half, he was extremely quick off the line to stop both a one-on-one and a dangerous Vardy run.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (8.5/10)

In an atypical game, his defense far outperformed his offense, which was just marginally better. was careless with his set-piece delivery and short-range passing, but it was still one of his crosses that resulted in the equalizer, if not precisely in the style that he usually does.

At the far post, he made a crucial sliding clearing to save a clear opportunity from a cross. In the second half, he engaged in a great deal of defensive one-on-one battles with Barnes and won them all.

Joel Matip (4.5/10)

A weak performance, in reality. The aerial was lost early on and pulled out of the middle during the buildup to the opening goal. This incident occurred a couple more times after that, although the consequences were not as severe.

Tracking the runners in the channels was difficult, and a corner was conceded needlessly after an unnecessary clearing. The Reds were once more placed under strain by a late pass-out. Konate should return when Brentford visits.

Virgil Van Dijk (7.5/10)

Usually the most dependable member of the back line, but still not Virgil at his best. It wasn’t Van Dijk at his best, despite several clearances, being in the right place at the right time, a couple of occasions where his speed was needed to recover in behind a diagonal break, and even a header at the opposite end that bounced narrowly.

The crew as a whole need greater organization and direction, and we frequently turn to the Dutchman to do so.

Andy Robertson (6/10)

Had a terrible first half-hour. attempted to play offside against no one, in order to score; stepped out, and allowed Dewsbury-Hall to pass unopposed. Afterward, he mishandled a crossfield pass, giving the other team a chance to score on a counterattack. He then skyed a cross into the crowd with two open teammates waiting in the middle.

From that point on, he unquestionably improved his play, firing in some merely adequate passes and consistently overlapping the opposition, but defensively he was too frequently exposed, lacking any meaningful protection and forced to make hasty recovery runs from 20 yards behind the attacker.


Jordan Henderson (4/10)

He had three chances to stop Leicester’s very first goal as they made a break for it. Again, the Foxes had a great opportunity that was so easily missed, and the first 45 minutes of possession were very wasteful.

After the change in the score, we had anticipated improved play after the break, but he threw the ball away twice in the first two minutes before scoring with a half-volley right away.

Harvey Elliott (6/10)

There were a few excellent one-touch passes, but honestly, the first half was too sluggish and not physical enough to have a lasting good effect on the Reds’ build-up play. was really fortunate that Dewsbury-Hall did not score when he failed to monitor his run on the hour mark since he gave the ball away far too frequently.

When shifted to the left, his attention to detail on the ball slightly improved. He also made a few nice tackles to stop counterattacks, but he ultimately didn’t produce much.

Thiago (9.5/10)

At least one midfielder was in top form right from the start. pushed the ball forward consistently, won tackles, and challenged opponents to keep the Reds playing into the final third. Midway through the first half, he made a superb last-man slide tackle and was typically the team’s hardest-pressing player, even above the midfield three.

His defensive performance was so nimble that he frequently scurried away with the ball, taking up Henderson’s duties. Too much of a one-man midfield show, in my opinion.


Mo Salah (6/10)

After a mistake on defense, he barely got a whiff before burying the ball, but he was offside. Thomas continued to attack the defense despite being repeatedly fouled.

He should have done better with the ball with his right foot or not when he scuffed one wide right after the restart. When he got the ball, he was generally pretty good; we simply didn’t get it to him quickly enough.

Darwin Nunez (8.5/10)

destroyed Faes the moment he had the opportunity to rush at him, to the point that the poor center-back ran and scored a brace into his own goal. A strong run and a close finish caused the second to be missed by the Belgian.

Beautiful through ball for Salah, who then should have scored twice, but his final third finishing was still erratic as he missed one, headed the ball at the goalkeeper, and sent the ball too short to Salah on the break. But all of his own creating, which emphasizes how he was once again a continual threat and presence.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (5/10)

For the first time this year, He started two straight league games, this time on the left side. But he could have made his final league start for Liverpool. did a respectable job in the first half, alternating between the front line and the midfield, and he also played a key role in the move that led to our second goal.


Kostas Tsimikas (7/10)

Actually a little sloppy, but made a couple of good late surges. Possibly much more now, if Robbo’s injury is serious.

Naby Keita (6.5/10)

Weak in a few tackles and threw it away right away after entering, but became better with a few brilliant through-balls and recoveries.

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