Pep Guardiola admits, Klopp has made him a better manager

Pep Guardiola admits, Klopp has made him a better manager

The savage rivalry between Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola started way back in Germany. Both Klopp and Pep met for the first time eight years ago, while managing Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich respectively.

The rivalry continued in England as well, with Guardiola taking charge of Manchester City and Klopp took charge of Liverpool.

Guardiola will face his counterpart for Premier League tie as Champions of England travel to Anfield this Sunday.

Pep Guardiola admits, Klopp has made him a better manager ahead of Liverpool vs Manchester City clash.

TBH, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp share a strange relationship. They both praise each other like best friends in the press conferences but become sworn enemies once the whistle blows.

Sunday’s fixture between Liverpool and Manchester City is starting off no different with Pep claiming Klopp has made him a better manager.

Speaking in the pre-match Press Conference Guardiola said

“His (Klopp’s) teams helped me to become a better manager. He put me at another level, to think about it and to prove myself to be a better manager, to try to beat them,”

“That is the reason why I am still in this business. Some managers — and Jurgen is one of them — challenge you to make a step forward.”

“Here in England we are many years together, in many competitions and we face many times, sometimes we win sometimes lose, but it’s nice both teams have the same idea – score goals”

Pep tasted the first victory as Manchester City manager in Anfield last season with 4-1 win and City’s first win in 18 years in Anfield. The game was played in an empty Anfield, but Guardiola insists he would rather play at a full house.

Crowd at Anfield acting as their 12th men.

“I am very pleased Anfield is full again. We can enjoy a fantastic atmosphere and hopefully we can handle it,”

The Manchester City Manager further said

“I am sure the players enjoy (more) to play with fans in Anfield than without. Everything is more alive, more difficult.”

In the last four seasons, Both the teams won the Premier League. City won three times with Liverpool coming close to beat City in the 2018-19 season and winning the following season.

The fixture has the absolute making of a classic, with fans back in Anfield, Liverpool have their 12th man.

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