Paul Merson’s hard-hitting Real Madrid vs Liverpool prediction

Paul Merson prediction on Real Madrid vs Liverpool

Paul Merson gives his honest prediction as Liverpool takes on Real Madrid in the Champions League round of 16 tonight.

Merson has not been a huge fan of Liverpool’s performances this season. This was clearly evident in his recent interview with Sky Sports after the Reds suffered a shocking defeat to the Cherries.

“Managers have to keep level-headed and so do players.

Liverpool had a great result against Manchester United that will put them in the history books but then you’ve got to turn up and perform at Bournemouth.

When you watch the Bournemouth game you think, what chance have Liverpool got at Real Madrid? Needing to score three, at least, is a big ask, it would be one of the greatest Champions League comebacks of all time.

Barcelona did it against PSG but that was at home. This is away at the cup holders. If it was two goals then you never know, but three…I give them no chance.”

Merson says Liverpool have no chance to overcome the deficit against Madrid

The Merseyside giants suffered a 5-2 defeat at their home turf in the first leg three weeks ago. This three-goal gap has left them with a mountain to climb to reach the quarter-final stage.

Jurgen Klopp’s side is famous for its heroic comeback against Barcelona in 2019. The Reds overcame a 3-0 deficit at Anfield to reach the Champions League final. However, this time around they face their second leg at the Bernabeu.

Merson wasn’t shy to indicate the defensive errors clearly visible in Liverpool’s weekend defeat against Bournemouth. Based on that dismal performance, the former Arsenal player made his prediction, not giving the Reds much of a chance to qualify for the next round.

Certain Liverpool fans have also agreed with Merson, based on the fact that he correctly predicted their defeat against Bournemouth which many people didn’t see happening.

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