Liverpool will take on Man City in the Carabao Cup’s fourth round

Liverpool vs Man City Carabao Cup 4th round

After the Reds B Team overcame The Rams via spot kicks, Liverpool are now set to face Man City in Carabao Cup‘s fourth round.

Liverpool to go head-to-head with Man City in Carabao Cup

After earning a victory on Wednesday night through yet another spectacular penalty shootout, Liverpool have learned who they will face in the Carabao Cup‘s fourth round, and it’s not enjoyable.

Manchester City will face Liverpool Men in the fourth round of the tournament. The game will be played during the week of December 19th, while the specific day is still to be confirmed.

As the World Cup rosters are released, it is crucial to remember that the greatest event in the World of Football will end on December 18th in Qatar, only days before this domestic competition is scheduled to take place.

The squads will undoubtedly be informed that both teams will play on Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week as a result of this. While a few of the Reds important players will be skipping the World Cup and hence enjoying a break, Liverpool itself are battling with a number of injuries, so who knows how the squads on the field will ultimately look like.

Pep’s Man City will be a challenge

It is no secret that Man City are a force to be reckoned with. Although Klopp has a good record against Pep, Liverpool have been the Citizen’s biggest threat this season. Meanwhile, the arrival of Haaland benefitted the Sky Blues. They are on a roll in the Premier League.

Even though in their last meet-up, the Scousers came victorious, you can never count out the current English champions. While we are standing on the verge of the last fixtures before the World Cup, who knows the Reds might have a new owner Post-Qatar.

Liverpool had a slow start in the season. But the Scousers believe in Klopp. It wouldn’t come as a shock if Liverpool gets their rhythm and momentum back after the World Cup break.

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