Liverpool Urged To Cash In: £100 Million Mo Salah Sale Looms!

Liverpool Urged To Cash In: £100 Million Mo Salah Sale Looms!

The Premier League giants Liverpool are advised to sell their star winger Mo Salah to gain maximum profit out of the transfer deal before it becomes too late.

Liverpool Are Advised To Sell Mo Salah In The Summer

In order to maximize their profit Liverpool has been advised to sell Mo Salah as soon as possible a deal worth £100 million is reportedly on the table.

With just one year left on his deal Salah (32) is drawing a lot of interest from Saudi Arabia, He may go for free the following year if he is not sold in this summer transfer widow.

Determining whether Salah is worth keeping for another season or if a £100 million transfer fee is more important is Liverpool’s main conundrum.

The Best Time To Sell

O’Rourke says that from a business standpoint, this is the best time to let Salah leave because the club won’t receive a bid like that in January or halfway through the season. He said,

“You’re never going to get £100million for him half-way through the season, in January.

If you’re looking at £100million now and you think you can recruit and build the squad with the players you’ve got, and use that money to get a replacement, then this is the time.

If they want to get their money for him, he goes now. For him personally, if he waits another 12 months, that £100million goes into his wages.”

Crucial Summer Awaits

Liverpool fans are eager to see what kind of decision Liverpool manager Arne Slot and Liverpool management take in the upcoming transfer window.

Mo Salah replacement is very hard to find around Europe, if found a hefty sum has to be paid in order to bring a player who could potentially replace Mo Salah on the wing.

Premier League demands world-class level in order to win silverware in England, could Liverpool possibly sell Mo Salah and bring in a successor answer will be revealed in the summer.

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