Liverpool let down by Premier league yet again

Liverpool let down by Premier league yet again

Premier league once again let Liverpool down. In spite of being the best league in the world. The Premier League doesn’t always seek to help or protect its own clubs.

Liverpool and a number of top-flight clubs are facing a situation where they cannot use their main squad due to the international break. The decision to play the world cup qualifiers on late Thursday night and early Friday hours in South America has left the clubs baffled from playing their full-strength squad.

In Spain, the Spanish authorities have agreed to postpone their weekend game between Atletico Madrid and Granada. Meanwhile, Real Madrid & Bilbao have also postponed their meet as their players are playing in South America and won’t be available that day.

Moreover, because of Spanish authorities, Atletico Madrid not only get to play with their full Squad but they also got extra time to prepare for the Champions League fixture at Anfield on Tuesday

Liverpool back in action aganist Watford in the Premiere League

Liverpool wanted the kick-off at Vicarage Road to be pushed back from 12.30 pm to 7.45 pm on Saturday. However, the request was rejected by their opponents. We cannot blame Watford, if retaining the scheduled time gives them a winning chance under their new manager why wouldn’t they take it.

This is not the first time Liverpool is undergoing something like this. In December 2019 Liverpool had games in back-to-back days. They asked the premier league to postpone the schedule but they refused. Thus, Liverpool had their academy side take on Aston Villa in the league cup Quarter-finals. Meanwhile, the Main Squad went on to win the Club World Cup in Qatar.

In other countries, games are switched to benefit the clubs and players especially if they are playing in European competition. But that is a rare scenario in England.

Liverpool will be facing Watford but will miss some key players thanks to the board members of the Premier league. Well, the toughest league in the world wants to be tough in everything and here they have proven it again.

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