Liverpool steps closer to the “historic” quadruple

Liverpool steps closer to the “historic” quadruple

Liverpool with each game it plays gets closer to their ‘dream’ of a quadruple, exciting time for Liverpool fans.

The Reds will now take on Man City in the Fa Cup, Semi-Finals at Wembley, the two teams had met last weekend.

Liverpool and their Quadruple dream

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has a brilliant opportunity to win it all (Quadruple) this season.

After a long time in the Reds’ history, the club has reached the Semi-Finals of all three competitions in the same season. Meanwhile, already won the EFL Cup back in February as their eyes are on the remaining three competitions.

The team will now face Man City, whom they are also chasing for the Premier League title. With only one of them having the opportunity to book their ‘Finals tickets to Wembley.

Jurgen Klopp speaks up about the Quadruple

In a recent interview ahead of the City game, manager Klopp spoke about the importance of a Quadruple,

I’m really happy for the boys. It is so difficult to do something that our fathers and grandfathers didn’t do already.

He continues:

This specific thing, nobody did it in this club so it is really special. But, yeah… I know if that is the success this year, it will not be seen as success in the future.”

He was quick, in commenting that any success of this season, will not guarantee the same in the future.

Klopp was also asked whether the upcoming clash could be the ‘biggest’ on their way to a Quadruple,

No. We don’t know. We don’t think about the quadruple.

Imagine if I was to sit here and you would not ask me about it but I would just constantly start referring to the quadruple. If I did that you would think I was completely mad”, he added.

Man City Problems

Meanwhile, Man City have their own concerns before the big game.

As it was confirmed after their Atletico game that Kevin De Bruyne and Kyle Walker had suffered crucial injuries. Both the City players did not train with the team ahead of today’s clash.

De Bruyne has got “stitches” on his calf, and Walker had “majorly twisted” his ankle, and both look uncertain for the Liverpool match.

This is what Pep Guardiola had to say about his players:

He has stitches in his calf, it is not a muscular injury,

We will see tomorrow about De Bruyne and Walker. Walker had a big twist but is getting better. Ruben Dias trained today and we will see about him.

Both, Liverpool and City will now have to focus all their attention and stay strong for 90 minutes, or even more. History is on the cards for both the teams and to make history in their hands by winning a Quadruple (Liverpool) and a Treble (Man City).

Tough and fierce competition awaits both the English Giants, today at 15:30 BST, Wembley.

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