Liverpool fans ‘upset’ over FA Cup clash against Man City, after dates out

Liverpool fans ‘upset’ over FA Cup clash against Man City, after dates out

Liverpool will take on their rivals Manchester City twice in a period of 6 days which also includes an FA Cup semi-finals clash. But what upset the fans and the team more than the ‘congested’ schedule of matches is the problem of ‘Travelling to Wembley’.

The fans of Liverpool coming from Merseyside and Manchester have a huge problem at hand.

As travelling to the Capital city seems ‘tough’ due to ongoing planned engineering works. The FA have offered a few fans ‘some relief’.

THE FA to arrange busses for the FA Cup Match between Liverpool & City

The FA (Football Authority) governing the FA CUP competition, announced that it will provide for 5000 fans travel by arranging 100 busses. The semi-finals match between Liverpool and Man City is scheduled for 16th April 2022.

But given the total amount of fans, which is around 60-70 thousand, fans just feel that this ‘is not a fair solution’. Many fans and supporters have lashed on the football governing body and have gone on to social media platforms to ‘mock the situation’.

Not only the fans but Reds boss Jurgen Klopp had also gone on to say,

 If we could play with supporters that would be really cool – both teams [affected], wow!

As both teams face ‘stern’ and ‘fierce full’ competition the presence of their fans for the big-ticket game would really vital.

The fans, supporters and the Mayors of both the cities wanted the game to be moved away from Wembley Stadium. But due to past and current contractual obligations of THE FA, rejected their appeal and now ‘that’ option ‘seems far from possible.

The FA comments

A Statement issued by the FA in light of the events read,

The FA is pleased to announce that a limited number of free return bus services will be provided for both the Emirates FA Cup and Vitality Women’s FA Cup Semi Finals involving Liverpool and Manchester City on Saturday 16 April to support fans from the North West who wish to travel to and from London.

The FA will charter 100 buses from Anfield and the Etihad Stadium respectively to Wembley Stadium and back. This will ensure that up to 5,000 Liverpool and Manchester City supporters will be able to travel to Wembley Stadium free of charge for their Semi Final tie.

A tough week prior to the clash

Both the teams, Liverpool and City will be on the action the weekend prior to Cup match. As well as they will be competing in the mid-week for the UEFA Champions League quarter-final matches.

This could really be a ‘tough’ game for both sides.

They will meet each other for the FA CUP Match on the 16th of April, Saturday at 3:30 pm.

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