Liverpool duo express concern for Ukraine, agree that moving CL final is a good decision

Liverpool duo express concern for Ukraine, agree that moving CL final is a good decision

Pep Ljinders offered a brief opinion on the Russian invasion of Ukraine as he agreed that moving the Champions League final was a good decision by UEFA.

The world has stood in solidarity with Ukraine, as Putin led Russia began invading their neighbours. It is a grim and heartbreaking situation for people all around the world.

Pep Ljinders and Henderson gives their two cents on Ukraine situation

Sports, especially the world’s most famous sports football, is being used as one of the mediums by people to portray their feelings.

We recently saw the Wembley and the Allianz Arena light up in yellow and blue. We could see a repeat of that during Liverpool’s Carabao cup final.

The situation also saw UEFA moving its Champions League final to Paris from Saint Petersburg.

During the press conference leading up to the Carabo cup final, assistant manager Ljinders was asked his thoughts on the situation. He said,

It is truly awful. It is so serious and as a football coach in this moment sitting here in front of sport journalists, I don’t think it is the right time to speak about my opinion

He sympathised with Ukrainian people and said,

It doesn’t feel appropriate, but what I can say is I am a father, a son, a brother, a husband. A human being. It’s hard with all these people there. I think it’s the same reaction all you guys have, it’s really frightening at the moment.

He agreed with UEFA and said that it was the right decision to move the final to Paris. In relation to it, he added,

If I have to give a reaction in a football way, of course, it is the right decision to move the Champions League final.

Skipper Jordan Henderson also spoke about the situation in Ukraine and said,

It’s a scary situation, to be honest. I don’t think I’m smart enough to speak on that topic, but it’s frightening to think what could happen and what is happening.

Meanwhile, the stage will be all set for two German coaches to battle it out for an English League cup final. Thus, Jurgen Klopp will be looking forward to winning his median domestic League Cup trophy with the Reds.

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