Liverpool and Man City’s fixtures sheet comparison for the 2022-23 season

Liverpool and Man City’s fixtures sheet comparison for the 2022-23 season

The fixtures of Liverpool and Manchester City are intriguing to watch as the Premier League trophy has been triumphed by these two clubs since 2017-18.

The competition in the previous season got very close and Manchester City won the Premier League with an edge of only 1-point. The title race came down to the last 30 minutes when City won their final match against Aston Villa to become the champions of England.

However, the season for Liverpool had been like a rollercoaster ride where they lost in the UEFA Champions League final stage against Real Madrid and also secured the second position in the Premier League. While they also won two domestic championships which were huge for the Reds as Jurgen Klopp had never won the FA Cup and EFL Cup with the Reds before this season.

Thus, it will be interesting to see Jurgen Klopp’s troops approach this season. Moreover, it will be interesting to see how they utilise the young stars they brought to the club this summer.

Fixtures of Liverpool and Manchester City

Every year, the head of data analyst PA, Ben Mayhew, presents a graphic visualisation which is a grid for the fixtures of each club’s tough and easy runs based on bookmaker’s odds.

According to this data, the Merseyside club will face the strongest 6 teams early in this season which will be very interesting. The top 6 strongest teams will include clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and Man City.

Moreover, Liverpool will play fewer matches in the month of November and December against the 6 weakest teams like Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest as FIFA World Cup will be taking place at that time.

Manchester City have mixed fixtures and they will compete with both strong and weak teams in the starting stage which will be very crucial for the Sky Blues.

However, Liverpool will not miss any chance to gain each and every point they get against Manchester City so that they do not find themselves in the same situation as the last season. Let’s go Reds!

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