Liverpool 2-0 Burnley: Back to Anfield Back to Top of the table

Liverpool 2-0 Burnley: Back to Anfield Back to Top of the table

In the Matchday 2 of the Premier League 2021-22, Liverpool defeated Burnley at Anfield, which had its all chairs occupied.

Signing their anthem “You’ll never walk alone”, Liverpool kicked off their first half with the crowd behind them. With an attendance of 52,591 fans, who were back to Anfield after nearly a year and a half the Reds were full of energy.

Just like the previous match, the Portugues yet again opened the scoring for Liverpool. It took just 18 minutes into the match to break the deadlock. As Anfield roared after Diogo Jota tucked in a pitch-perfect ball delivered by Konstantinos Tsimikas (player of the match) in the Burnley nets.

However, Burnley did give a tough fight in the initial half. Talking about the second half, The Clarets did start with a spark but eventually as the game progressed Liverpool took on the charge. Sadio Mane was desperate to get back on the scoring sheet and thus, after putting in continuous efforts he did eventually got one.

Meanwhile, Alisson was excellent at the backline keeping a clean sheet yet again. Thus, it was a team effort for the former Premier League champions rather than a one men show.

Liverpool 2-0 Burnley: Post Match Reaction

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was quite happy with his team’s performance against Burnley. However, he did not like the way how the game lead to a rough battle. Expressing his thoughts about the match in an interview with BT Sports Klopp said

“We always had to be ready for a proper fight and we were today. You saw these challenges with Barnes and Wood and Virgil and Joel. I’m not 100 per cent sure if [officials] are going in the right direction with these decisions.” 

Moving on, Klopp was delighted with the fans returning to Anfield. Speaking about the fans and the Anfield atmosphere the Reds boss said

“Everybody was really looking forward to this football festival. I think all of our dreams were fulfilled today, atmosphere-wise. That was, for sure, the best 12.30pm atmosphere we had.”

Klopp further also praised the performance of Tsimikas, who eventually went on to become the player of the match. The boss was also very impressed with the young prodigy Harvey Elliott, who made his full match debut in this game. The 18-year-old played an excellent game and was sharp throughout the match. Furthermore, The assist king Trent Alexander-Arnold also displayed a appreciable performance.

Whats next for Liverpool?

Liverpool will be getting ready to welcome the Champions of Europe Chelsea to Anfield next week. It is going to be a clash of the titans as the two table toppers collied on Saturday.

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