Konate needs LFC teammates’ advice for easy selection selection

Konate needs LFC teammates’ advice for easy selection selection

Ibrahima Konate requires the advice of LFC teammates for an easy selection. He needs to bide his time with The Reds during the settling period. His teammates have agreed to help him and all he needs is to heed to them for a breakthrough.

The young French player has had just four appearances for Liverpool since his arrival at Anfield. He has started thrice with Virgil Van Dijk alongside him. During this period, Konate has portrayed brilliant qualities worth of his calling.

The task is far from being done and consistency is the key to unlocking the doors of selection. Thus, Konate has a long way to go under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp. He also has to grab the knowledge imparted to him by his teammates. This will be crucial because he will be a regular player as time passes by.

In this way, he will grow and mature as a world-class defender. The expectations will rise as time goes by for Konate. Therefore, he will have to settle down well with the team as soon as he can. He will be assessed a lot based on his performance in the future.

Konate has to take advice from LFC teammates

Konate comments on playing in the LFC squad

While addressing the official Liverpool FC magazine, Konate said:

Surely it is not easy to play because every player wants to play. But I know I need to work hard to play. I was in Germany and now I am here in England. I am playing for Liverpool, one of the best teams in the world.

It is not easy to come here and play directly at Liverpool. I know Jurgen and what he does. Of course I need to work to earn that spot. I hope as time goes by I will get selected and I will work for it. Everything is nice. I like the challenge for sure since the Premier League is so different from German football.

This process is slow and gradual but will pay off well in the future. With many games lined up next, Konate has the opportunity to improve and prove himself. However, he must abide with his teammates and take their advice.   

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