Klopp questions UEFA for Champions League final tickets

Klopp questions UEFA for Champions League final tickets

Jurgen Klopp has questioned UEFA about the tickets to the Champions League final in Paris as fans have protested.

Liverpool will play their final against Real Madrid this year after already knocking out the Spanish side Villarreal this year in the semi-final stage with an aggregate of 5-2.

Moreover, the Reds will look forward to settling the score after Los Blancos beat them in the final stage of the Champions League back in 2018 in Kyiv.

Now, there are some complaints going on UEFA by the fans regarding the tickets and the Liverpool boss also shared his views on this issue

Jurgen Klopp’s view about Champions League final tickets

The final between Liverpool and Real Madrid will be played at Stade de France which is in Paris and this stadium has a capacity of 75,000 people.

Also, UEFA stated that each team will receive 20,000 tickets that will be then sold by the club to fans. With only half the stadium filled, Jurgen Klopp questioned UEFA about the tickets.

Is it right that we only get 20,000, they get 20,000, and there’s 75,000 in? That makes 35,000 left over. Where are these tickets?

Klopp questioned UEFA

It’s about money, that’s how it is. UEFA is not the saints of football, they never were. What they have is a fantastic product with the Champions League … and if you would have asked me, we never have to change that.

Klopp added

There have been reports by UEFA that after giving 40,000 tickets to both the teams, the remaining allocations will be filled by 12,000 general admission sales and the application window for the general admission tickets closed on 28th April even before the final teams were decided.

Furthermore, 23,000 tickets will be reserved for the UEFA Champions League team, national associations, commercial partners, broadcasters and as well as hospitality seating.

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