Unbelievable: Klopp says he Snubbed a Liverpool Player’s handshake a day before yesterday

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp claims he refused to shake hands with one of the Liverpool players.

Source: The Liverpool Offside

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp claims he refused to handshake with one of the Liverpool players.

One Liverpool player had heartbreak earlier this week.

The team reported that Diogo Jota got an injury in Sunday’s 1-0 win over Manchester City.

Liverpool said that the Portugal international would miss his nation’s World Cup campaign in Qatar.

The Portuguese had a great chance to have a good tournament with a goalscorer like Jota. But the Reds attacker will spend the time recovering from an injury.

The former Wolves winger’s ‘unbelievable’ toughness has shocked Jurgen Klopp. Yesterday, at the team’s training facility, Klopp turned down Jota’s handshake offer in favor of an embrace.

Klopp refused Jota’s handshake

Klopp said, being completely honest. It’s astounding how tough he is. Klopp had to give him a hug yesterday on crutches and wanted to shake his hand. Since it’s a shame the whole thing—how it happened, that it happened when it happened. And all these kinds of things—Klopp added, “It’s more for me than for you, to be honest.”

Jota is the second Klopp player to be shut out of the World Cup. Luis Diaz is also likely to miss the event due to an injury sustained while playing for Arsenal away from home earlier in October.

Beyond how much their respective nations will miss the pair, Liverpool will also.

With a win over West Ham in the middle of the week, Klopp’s team is finally gaining some traction in the Premier League.

Well, the German manager might struggle over the next several weeks with Mohamed Salah blowing hot and cold, Darwin Nunez adjusting to life in England, and obviously, Jota and Diaz sidelined.

Jota being out will also be a massive problem for the Portuguese National team. He was supposed to lead the team as Cristiano Ronaldo is totally out of form at Man United.

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