Karim Benzema proves why class is permanent and what it means for Salah

Karim Benzema proves why class is permanent and what it means for Salah

With Mo Salah’s contract expiring the next summer, Liverpool fans would look at performances of Karim Benzema to show why the Egyptian is worth one and them some.

Karim Benzema, 34, inspired an improbable comeback against PSG. The ‘French Maestro’ scored a second-half hattrick that ended the title challenge for PSG. Benzema wasn’t the only 30-year-old to prove that age is meaningless. Luka Modric put an incredible performance that proved why the old bulwark still stands strong in Madrid.

Similarly, Robert Lewandowski scored a hattrick in the 7-1 thrashing of RB Salzburg. Thus, there’s some merit in putting faith in the old guard.

This brings us to the question, should Liverpool give a contract to Salah?

Karim Benzema’s heroics and Mo Salah’s contract

It’s a rule of thumb that football players peak on and around the age of 29. All of Liverpool’s fabled front three are in and around that age. But as already discussed, age doesn’t define ability.

And Salah certainly falls into the bracket of evergreen players. Indeed, it looks as if can find another gear and, improve even more.

Klopp agreed and said,

The massive advantage of an early-to-mid-30s player is he sees things in the right way, that he learned in his career, then he can still use that.

Then he can be an even better player than he was two, three years before. So that’s the plan with all of them.

There is no age ‘roof’. For clubs it’s different. Clubs think ‘we wouldn’t sign a 34-year-old player’ maybe, because they think ‘we cannot sell him anymore’.

But if the player’s already in, it’s outstanding to have them around because they have experience, and if they have desire, then they have quality.

We hope Liverpool’s management take a look at the possibility of Salah blossoming into his thirties, and offer him a contract.

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