Journalist drops Saudi-Qatar Liverpool takeover claim

Saudi-Qatar Liverpool takeover

Source: EuroSport

Journalist releases assertion about the Saudi-Qatar Liverpool takeover, which was formerly “unthinkable.”

David Lynch spoke about a possible takeover of Liverpool by a Saudi Arabian-Qatari partnership on the Blood Red Podcast.

The Reds are for sale. And as you might expect, the wealthiest people on the planet are showing an interest in the Merseyside club.

Middle Eastern countries are showing much interest in owning the Premier League, as we’ve seen a lot lately. Moreover, according to Lynch, a joint Saudi-Qatari bid is already on the table.

It’s interesting to note that Lynch claims that this alliance was made possible by improved connections between the two countries. And there was a shared understanding that neither party wanted to raise prices for the other.

Saudi-Qatar group to takeover Liverpool FC

Lynch shared his knowledge of the circumstances.

He said:

“Yeah, so it’s still early days in this takeover process. But I’ve been told that one of the parties that are leading the interest is a joint consortium of Saudi and Qatar investors.

It would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago, given the diplomatic relations between those countries. But things have thawed considerably in the last couple of years.

We’ve seen their rulers sit next to each other at the World Cup. And things look a lot brighter. And that’s opened up the possibility of these two companies forming these companies to bid for Liverpool.”

Moreover, a joint Saudi-Qatari company is reportedly a “strong early candidate” to unseat FSG. Furthermore, according to The Sporting News, they are preparing an opening offer of £3.2 billion.

According to the story, the two investors are teaming up to avoid the bidding war. And the prospective purchasers have “strong contacts” with the governments of their respective nations.

Furthermore, given Newcastle United’s £300 million takeover by Saudi Arabia last year. Moreover, both parties are reportedly confident that the FA would approve the transfer.

However, the Saudi and Qatari consortium should expect competition from Germany and the USA in their pursuit of Liverpool. Moreover, if a £3.2 billion takeover is agreed upon, it could become the most expensive Premier League club in history.

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