Is it shutters down for Liverpool player Divock Origi?

Is it shutters down for Liverpool player Divock Origi?

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp chose to not include Divock Origi in the away match against Benfica. Divock Origi was not named in the starting XI and also failed to make the bench for Liverpool.

Could this mean the end of the road for Origi at Merseyside? well, it most certainly looks like that for the Belgian International.

The future of Divock Origi at Liverpool looks quite uncertain

After being snubbed by the German manager for the away clash with Benfica in the Champions League game, Divock Origi has probably already played his last game for The Reds.

Origi has been quite instrumental for Liverpool in the past seasons, having contributed to good extents in their recent titles.

With Origi being only the 4th choice striker for Jurgen Klopp, his chances to make the team seems to be very slim.

An away victory for Liverpool

Liverpool was triumphant in their clash against Benfica, by winning 3-1 over them.

The team looked ‘quite solid’ in the match and held majority possession of the ball as well.

Benfica will return for the second leg clash at Anfield on the 13th of April and will look to turn the deficit.

With Sadio Mane and Diogo having a clean match in terms of bookings, meant that they will not have to miss the Second Leg.

Life without Origi at Liverpool

The Belgian who would be remembered for many good things during his tenure, but one which would surely be on each Reds fan would be ‘THAT goal against Barcelona’ in the CL.

Liverpool manager is very well ‘prepared and accustomed’ to looking forward, without Origi in his plans.

Being left out from yesterday’s squad was a clear indication that Klopp will never consider him here on.

According to reports, Divock Origi whose contract expires at the end of the current season has almost ‘agreed’ a deal with Italian giants AC Milan on a Free Transfer.

Divock Origi has played over a Century of matches for Liverpool since joining in 2014. The striker will surely be missed by the fans.

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