“I really love Rainbow Laces” Klopp sits with Meikayla Moore to discuss on LGBTQ and football

“I really love Rainbow Laces” Klopp sits with Meikayla Moore to discuss on LGBTQ and football

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp spoke with LFC Women defender Meikayla Moore about being LGBTQ+ in football. Both gave their opinion on the value of allies in support of the Rainbow Laces campaign.

On Saturday, Liverpool will face Southampton in a Premier League match devoted solely to Rainbow Laces. Klopp explains how the awareness campaign has influenced his awareness of allyship throughout his time in charge.

The concept for 2021 is ‘Lace-Up and Speak Up,’. And, Klopp was wearing sneakers with rainbow laces during the movement’s yearly modulation since joining Liverpool 6 years ago.

The 54-year-old describes his views for supporting anyone who is having issues with their sexuality. Moreover, the German was in love with wearing rainbow colours in an empowering video that covers a variety of topics.

The New Zealand defender joined Liverpool Women back in August 2020. She insisted that his support “means everything,”. Especially to those youngsters who adore Liverpool but are trying to cope with their sexual preference. She said;

As an ally, it’s so important for us to have people like you who are in our corners and standing behind us.

Klopp on LGBTQ and football

The German was pretty optimistic and supportive for the cause:

I’m 54, I’ve been through a lot of periods in my life but a lot of problems I’ve never had. I have so many gay friends but I never thought about how it was when they had to say, ‘by the way, mum, dad’ – and to everyone else – ‘I’m not exactly how you expected, maybe.

The German boss believes that one should not face these challenges and insists his support is 100% to this campaign.

Moore, 25, wears laces to show that she is an “out and proud footballer”. Moreover, she wants others to realize that if they need support and guidance, they can contact her.

In women’s football, I’ve been very fortunate that being LGBTQ+ is not as unusual as in the men’s game. It’s very accepted and the community is very strong.

Moore believes there is still a bunch of progress required for the entire sport of football particularly on the men’s side, just to make it a forum where it is embraced and it’s “OK” to be who you are and be true to yourself.

The biggest thing you can do is listen, support and educate yourself if you don’t know, because that’s an area that a lot more people can maybe place more attention on.

It’s really amazing to see such immense support from the boss. It would not only help in the campaign but also in sending a message throughout the globe that the stigma towards gay people should end. It is really great that football not only serves as a medium for entertainment but also a platform where footballers and managers showcase their support on such sensitive issues.

Kudos to our manager for going on camera and showing his support for such a crucial cause.

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