Guardiola makes ‘fake’ claim over 14-point gap

Guardiola makes ‘fake’ claim over 14-point gap

Pep Guardiola claimed the 14-point gap was ”fake” and said City were ”more than brilliant”. As Premier League is coming towards an end and 2 teams fighting for the glory, the match on the 10th of April will give an advantage to the winning team as they will come on top.

The match will be played in Etihad Stadium with lots of Manchester City fans. Liverpool closed the 14-point gap with a 10 match unbeaten streak.

Guardiola Do or Die match?

Guardiola faced some serious criticism from the media as Manchester City dropped points against Tottenham, Southampton and Crystal Palace.

Whereas Liverpool managed to close all the gap between them and the league leaders. Guardiola said that he has seen situations like these when he was at Barcelona.

He also added that there were teams like Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid that used to do the same thing. It seems like Guardiola is confident with the team which is good for all the fans. He said

When we were 14 points ahead of Liverpool even myself I could not believe it because I know the incredible opponent we have to face. One of the best teams in Europe.

Manchester City vs Liverpool

The match between Man City and Liverpool is going to be held on the 10th of April at the Etihad Stadium. Both teams will look forward to win the match and becoming league leaders.

The whole Premier League season has been absolutely thrilling and is now coming towards the season end with these 2 teams being at the top. The winner of this fixture will gain an advantage over the other.

Manchester City vs Liverpool has not been a toxic rivalry but in terms of the standard of football, it might be one of the best in Premier League football.

One cannot say that this fixture will decide who will be the champion but surely this match will be played like that by both the teams. It is going to be very thrilling and very exciting for the viewers.

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