Darwin Nunez is set to be banned for multiple matches

Liverpool forward Darwin Nunez will likely miss multiple Liverpool matches as he may get banned.

Source: The Mirror

Liverpool forward Darwin Nunez will likely miss multiple Liverpool matches as he may get banned.

According to former Leeds United forward Noel Whelan, Nunez is a tremendous striker and an admirable player. But he thinks his boss needs to be cautious with him.

Nunez was red-carded from Liverpool after just a few months. It was due to a headbutt he gave during his first Premier League start against Crystal Palace in August.

During Uruguay’s tumultuous World Cup match against Ghana on Friday, which led to their elimination from the tournament, he showed his reckless side.

Noel Whelan believes Nunez should be banned for multiple matches

However, after Ghana was given a first-half penalty, Nunez was cautioned for brazenly attempting to damage the field by stamping on the penalty spot.

Moreover, the Liverpool attacker was one of many players from both teams who surrounded the referee in the Uruguay box. Moreover, the video demonstrates his attempts to thwart the penalty kick.

In a game that Uruguay won 2-0, the 23-year-old was given a caution. And Ghana’s captain Andre Ayew then botched his penalty. Despite this, Uruguay could not save itself from elimination from the tournament.

He told Football Insider:

It’s disgraceful from Nunez.

Moreover, It’s dishonest and completely blatant – he is not even trying to hide what he is doing.

I would like to see officials make an example of players who are caught red-handed cheating – and give them red cards. Moreover, going to 10 men and getting banned might make them think twice.

You can see they are clearly willing to risk a yellow to give their team some kind of advantage.

However, Nunez has a horrible side to him. Moreover, he’s a brilliant player, although we haven’t seen them best of him at the World Cup, but he has a nasty edge to his game.

Klopp and the Liverpool coaches are going to have a difficult time controlling him and stopping him getting stupid yellows and reds.

Although, He is out of order at times, and that petulance is a problem.

Moreover, I fully expect him to get a few red cards and multiple extended bans over the next few seasons.”

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