Danny Murphy sends a message to Steven Gerrard before Liverpool’s title fate is decided

Danny Murphy sends a message to Steven Gerrard before Liverpool’s title fate is decided

Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy believes Steven Gerrard will be completely focused on helping the Reds win the Premier League when his side faces Manchester City on Sunday

Former Liverpool midfielder believes that Stevie G can achieve a result and assist the Reds in winning the title. It will not detract from Jurgen Klopp’s credit.

On Sunday, Gerrard’s Aston Villa visit the Etihad Stadium. The Villa side knows that if they can draw or beat Man City, they will assist the Reds in winning the Premier League.

Fans consider Gerrard as a potential replacement when the German ultimately retires. And Sunday is an opportunity for him to secure his place among Liverpool fans.

Danny Murphy sends a message

Murphy believes Gerrard will solely focus on the game and will not seek to detract from Klopp’s compliments.

He wrote:

One day, Stevie could be the Liverpool manager. But if he helps Jurgen Klopp win a quadruple, following the German at Anfield will be like an impossible job because you can’t get better than winning all four trophies. Though Stevie will be delighted if he can pull off a result at City and Liverpool reclaim the title. He won’t be patting himself on the back nor trying to take credit away from Klopp. This will be Klopp’s achievement.

Murphy also believes Gerrard is the finest person to assess the importance of Sunday’s game. He said:

I’m sure Steven Gerrard has been pestered all week by calls from his friends, his Dad, his brother, all reminding him he has to beat Man City on Sunday. That’s ok, Stevie is a big boy. He’s never been one to hide or turn his phone off. He’ll take it on the chin and of course, he’ll understand it being a big Red himself. But it won’t make him lose focus or deviate from the game plan he’s set out for the Etihad. He’ll know better than anyone what Sunday means for Liverpool as a city and its supporters. I am sure he’d prefer to be playing City so he can do his old club a favour rather than having Villa go to Anfield.

While a win for Villa will only add to Gerrard’s legacy at Anfield. Murphy believes it will have no bearing on his chances of eventually succeeding Klopp at the Anfield.

Gerrard’s side also has former Liverpool men like Coutinho and Danny Ings. And they would also be hoping to give back to their former clubs.

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