13 Countries Where Football Is Extremely Popular


Although football (soccer for the US) is very popular in almost every country on earth, some countries are more passionate about the sport than others.

Before we talk about the countries that are famous for their passion for football, we will briefly discuss betting on the Premier League, one of England’s popular football leagues.

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Now that you understand a bit more about football betting, here are 13 nations where football is very popular.

1. Brazil

Brazil is the country that most people think of when they think about real passion for football. Their men’s national football team is consistently ranked among the top in the world. They have also won many FIFA World Cups. As a result, Brazil is home to many of the top football players in the world. This is partly due to the way Brazil promotes and embraces football.

2. Italy

Italy is another country where football enthusiasm significantly surpasses all other sports. The Italian national football team is a top-ranked country in terms of its success. After all, they have won several World Cup titles. This is largely due to the exceptional quality of the Italian professional league, Serie A.

3. Argentina

Argentina shares a love of football with most South American countries. It is the most popular sport in this country, and many Argentinians enjoy it from the moment they learn to walk until old age. The Argentinian national football team won its first World Cup in 1978.

4. France

France is one of the oldest countries in Europe. This country’s rich history is filled with many traditions. Football happens to be one of them. The first club in France was organized In 1863. Since then, over 2,000,000 licenses have been issued by the French Football Federation to thousands of players in a multitude of clubs. They are also a major success on the international scene, having won the FIFA World Cup multiple times.

5. England

England is probably the country that has the most credit for the current state of football. It was the first country to codify the modern set of rules that are used today. Football is more popular in England than in any other country, with more than 40,000 clubs. England has both the oldest and first professional football club, as well as the first football club.

6. Spain

Football fans in Spain

IN Spain, Basketball and tennis are the next most popular sports after football. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are two of the country’s most beloved professional football teams. Many fans watch the national football league from around the globe.

After playing the Netherlands in the final, the nation won its first FIFA World Cup in 2010.

7. Turkey

Although football is the most popular sport, basketball follows it closely in Turkey. Turkey’s history of being a football-loving country dates back to 1875, when the first matches were held. This nation learned football from England, like many other countries.

Although football is very popular in Turkey, the national team has not had as much success as other national teams.

8. Russia

Many people immediately think of ice hockey when they think about Russian sports. Although ice hockey is popular in Russia, it is not as popular as football. The majority of Russians prefer football to any other sport.

9. South Africa

Despite being geographically far from other countries on the list, football is still the most popular sport in South Africa. It is the most loved sport, beating even cricket and rugby.

10. Israel

Israel is also a popular place for football. England’s control over Mandatory Palestine in the early 1900s brought football to Israel.

11. Portugal

Portugal’s national sport is football. This popularity dates back to 1875 when English businessmen and Portuguese students returned from England to bring the sport to Portugal’s largest cities.

12. Mexico

The first professional football league was established in Mexico in 1943. This markedly increased the popularity of football in Mexico. This country has seen a lot of success in football since then.

13. Australia

Our list ends with Australia, which is surprisingly not the most popular country for football. While cricket takes the title in Australia, football is just as popular among Australians.

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