Liverpool have finally signed a midfielder in the form of Arthur Melo, and fans can finally take a sigh of relief.

Source: GOAL

Liverpool have finally signed a midfielder in the form of Arthur Melo, and fans can finally take a sigh of relief.

Liverpool have pulled it off. The Reds’ squad have full of injuries and was going through a midfield crisis.

Jurgen Klopp, who earlier was hesitant to sign a new player, was going all in for a new man. Jurgen Klopp also wanted the midfielder to be of a particular profile. And it’s safe to say they have got it.

Reds’ have signed Arthur Melo on loan from Juventus. The Brazillian is a highly sought-after individual and is full of talent. During his time in Barcelona, people even drew comparisons to Xavi.

But signing him was not easy. And reports suggest Liverpool did something no other club was willing to do despite the talent Arthur possesses.

Liverpool were the only club ready to pay Arthur Melo’s wages

Tuttosport is where this report is from. They assert that Liverpool was practically the only team this summer willing to pay Arthur Melo’s salary.

In reality, Juventus was willing to let the player go. They don’t think he has a place in their midfield, and he is no longer useful.

Arthur makes £6 million a year, which is a huge salary for a player you don’t really want. However, no prospective suitor was eager to take him on loan and pay those wages. till the arrival of Liverpool.

This, according to Tuttosport, demonstrates the Premier League’s financial might. Instead, it reveals the desperation of a premier team searching for the ideal midfielder in the last hours of the transfer market.

Look, Jurgen Klopp was looking for a gamble, and here it is. The only team willing to pay Arthur’s salary this summer was Liverpool, who were by far the largest club to pursue him.

No one else of the stature of Liverpool would have been ready. The Reds, though, were in the unusual position of needing a midfielder with precisely Arthur’s set of qualities. They were then willing to look past the reservations that had previously stopped him.

Arthur appears to have more drive over the coming months as well because he wants to make Brazil’s World Cup roster. If that was his intention, he is succeeding in doing so here.

Liverpool will view the £6 million per year contract as a wise financial decision. In comparison to actually purchasing a player, which can cost up to £25 million, it is unquestionably much less expensive.

Naturally, we must wait and see what transpires. But Liverpool is here taking a smart risk. nobody else would choose.

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