Thiago hails fellow Red as ‘one of the best midfielders I’ve played with’

Thiago hails fellow Red as ‘one of the best midfielders I’ve played with’

Thiago has hailed captain Jordan Henderson as one of the best midfielders he has ever played with. He has played with his fair share of midfield maestros and he has named Hendo as one of the best.

Thiago is one of the best midfielders of this generation.

He comes through the ranks of Barcelona’s famous La Masia Academy. The academy has produced exceptional midfielders like Xavi, Iniesta, Busquests, and Thiago himself.

When it comes to the skipper Hendo, his career has not been short of a roller coaster ride.

People have always doubted his abilities, making way for lofty expectations regarding his role as club captain.

Henderson, however, has consistently answered his critics and now ranks 22nd among Liverpool’s greatest appearance makers with 449, in addition to having seven trophies to his credit.

Henderson receives ‘one of the best midfielders’ praises from Thiago

Jurgen Klopp and Henderson’s colleagues, especially Thiago, who has already appeared on the field with the 32-year-old on 41 occasions, have high regard and admiration for him.

The Spaniard, who has had no shortage of elite teammates while playing for Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Spain, has been extremely complimentary of the situation.

Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Sergio Busquets, Toni Kroos, and Xabi Alonso are a few examples of those.

But Henderson is “one of the best” players Thiago has ever played with. The Liverpool No. 6 said in a recent documentary titled “Jordan Henderson is Never Done.”

Thiago said:

“He is one of the best players, and midfield players, I’ve ever played with in my life.

So, I’m proud to be part of his team, just happy to play alongside him. I think Jordan has great character that teaches us that nothing is guaranteed, that we have to fight for everything and have to give our best as possible.

He’s a player that from the moment you arrive, he helps you get settled, helps you feel at home. And then on the field, he helps you stay alert and concentrated on the game.”

It’s not unusual for a teammate to compliment a fellow player. But Thiago’s description of Henderson as “one of the best players” was given willingly rather than as a result of being asked to do so. It was demonstrating how highly Henderson is regarded.

Outside of Liverpool’s walls, Henderson’s efforts go mostly unnoticed. But those who work there know and value what he brings. And with a contract that lasts until 2025, his influence will be felt for some time to come.

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