Liverpool’s £128M deal for Darwin Nunez is less than what Man City paid for Haaland details revealed

Liverpool £128M deal

Despite the fact that Darwin Nunez’s transfer fee of £128m deal might be £34 million more than Erling Haaland’s, Liverpool paid far less for him than Man City did.

Liverpool and £128m deal package for Nunez

In light of the amazing influence Haaland has had on the field, Man City‘s £51 million Haaland acquisition appears to be a reasonable one.

The sum of the deal, however, dwarfs the sum that Liverpool paid Benfica for Nunez. And has been increased by salary, bonuses, and other expenses.

Nunez agreed to a six-year deal for a base salary of £140,000 per week for the cost of £64 million. It may increase to £85 million with performance-related add-ons.

Although bonuses, including those for goals, are added to that income, the total package comes to almost £128 million.

It is less than half of what City is paying Haaland. He joined the team in the summer after his release clause was triggered by Borussia Dortmund.

A better deal

Haaland’s contract is for one year less, ending in 2027, and is paid a base salary of £375,000 a week. However, the arrangement is incredibly expensive for the Citizens and from a global sports perspective because of the top-up payments.

In a recent analysis, it was determined that Haaland’s contract is worth £850,000 per week, or £44.2 million annually, thanks to bonuses, many of which are simple to attain.

Five years and the transfer fee later, the Norwegian superstar will cost City £272 million in total.
The Premier League title holders are unquestionably getting a lot for their money.

In only 13 City games, Haaland has already scored a record 20 goals, and he leads Harry Kane by seven goals in the Premier League heading into Sunday’s matchup against Liverpool.

Nunez, on the other hand, is a diamond that still needs polishing; in his first 10 games, he has scored four goals. But the Scousers believe in him. And so do Klopp and the Reds fans. As the mantra says slow but steady wins the race.

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