Struggling Liverpool midfielder James Milner faces Media Criticism

Liverpool Midfielder James Milner faces widespread media criticism amid a string of poor performances.

Source: The Liverpool Offside

Liverpool Midfielder James Milner faces widespread media criticism amid a string of poor performances.

With defeat to Man United and a stalemate to Crystal Palace, Fulham, and now Frank Lampard’s team, Jurgen Klopp’s team has had a sluggish start to this Premier League season. It is a problem as they try to keep up with title rivals Manchester City.

Due to injuries to key players and a lack of depth in the midfield, the Merseysiders were made to sign Juventus midfielder Arthur Melo on a loan deal for the remainder of the 2022–2023 season.

Prior to a lengthy and busy season, particularly with the 2022 World Cup just months away, Liverpool must also compete on the European stage, necessitating the frequent use of rotational squad players.

Liverpool midfielder faces widespread media criticism

In the match against the Toffees, Milner was brought as a substitute halfway through the second period. However, the 36-year-old failed to impress several media members, who felt it necessary to criticize the player.

Indeed, the journalists brought attention to a few wobbly moments from the former Man City player.

According to the media, the substitution was not at all successful. Understand Trent has been awful, but he’s capable of providing big moments. Milner is obviously having trouble. It would have been much wiser to choose Matip.

Milner was almost a costly substitution. He looks like a fish out of the water as he seeks to halt a counterattack. It would have been 1-0 if Maupay hadn’t had the poor finishing flaws he previously had at Brighton.

According to another media house, Milner was getting blown at the right back on the [offside] goal. I understand that Trent isn’t performing well. But surely you have to trust Trent to play through it if the young player isn’t ready?

The midfielder has been a fantastic performer at Anfield, appearing in 295 games altogether and contributing to 26 goals and 45 assists. But Klopp’s lack of choices may have driven his deployment more frequently than was ideal.

Despite this, Milner is still useful for a tiny group that has a lot of games to play and little downtime in between.

His fans will be hoping that he can reclaim his best form as soon as possible.

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