Steven Gerrard’s action says a lot about Jurgen Klopp’s future

Steven Gerrard and Jurgen Klopp

Source: Football365

Liverpool‘s season has started slowly under Jurgen Klopp, but Steven Gerrard’s trust in Klopp remains the same.

Liverpool’s season may have started slowly. But a newly found chat with Steven Gerrard would indicate that Jurgen Klopp’s job is secure.

Klopp has led the team to Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, and Carabao Cup victories. However, they are fighting to rescue their season after dropping two straight Premier League games and falling 15 points behind leaders Arsenal.

They had been performing so poorly at home that there were rumours that Klopp might even leave Anfield if things didn’t improve. Gerrard was considered the ideal replacement a year ago after guiding Rangers to the Scottish Premiership title without dropping a match.

Mutual Respect between Jurgen Klopp and Steven Gerrard

At the height of his popularity in Scotland, Gerrard was widely expected to succeed Klopp as manager of the team where he first rose to fame. nevertheless, in a single interview in March 2021. Gerrard made a move to refute the assertion by suddenly ending an interview.

The initial query was: “There are a lot of Liverpool fans watching your success…”

But Gerrard cut the question short and said:

“The Liverpool fans don’t want me to be the manager of Liverpool Football Club. They want Jurgen Klopp to continue to be the Liverpool manager – and I’m all with them. We shouldn’t talk about this.

We have one of the best managers leading our club at the minute. I love him. I hope he stays for a few more years. But I’ve got a job here. I don’t think it’s helpful to talk about this. And I hope Jurgen stays at Liverpool for many years.”

Despite the Reds’ sluggish start to the current season, little has changed in the minds of their supporters since then. It’s still true, as Gerrard said, that fans want Klopp to remain with the team for the foreseeable future.

That is even more obvious now that Gerrard was fired by Aston Villa. The former Liverpool captain underperformed during his 11-month stay at Villa Park, negatively impacting his managerial reputation.

After his brutal tenure in Birmingham, Gerrard will need to repair his reputation to finally succeed Klopp. Although Klopp is confident he can recover, it is challenging to envision a route to the Anfield dugout.

He said:

I’m very sure he will come back. When he was at the academy, we created a close relationship, and I always followed him. I can imagine it’s disappointing for him because of his ambitions.

But I don’t think we have to worry about Stevie. He knows the game long enough, and these kinds of things can happen. We all get knocks here and there – it’s about how you respond.

A lot of great managers out there had to leave their previous clubs. Some of the best did that quite frequently during their career. They turned up somewhere else, learned from it and found a better situation.

Now I hope he takes a bit of time for himself because, since he finished his career, he’s pretty much working all the time. Maybe use it now for himself to recharge.”

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