Sky Sports journalist gives an exciting update on Liverpool takeover – Could happen soon

Kaveh Solhekol has provided a new update on a possible Qatari takeover attempt for Liverpool.

Source: CBS Sports

Kaveh Solhekol has provided a new update on a possible Qatari takeover attempt for Liverpool.

The chief reporter for Sky Sports claimed today that Qatar is looking to purchase or invest in a Premier League club. And that the two clubs they are considering are the Merseyside club and Manchester United. Football Daily obtained this information.

Solhekol said:

“Well, the situation is that the Qataris feel that they put on the best-ever World Cup in November and December last year. And they want to capitalise on that.

They want to build on what they see as the success of the World Cup. And one way of doing that is to buy a club in the Premier League or a stake in a club in the Premier League because the Premier League is obviously the biggest most popular league in the world. And the Qataris want a piece of that.

Now, the good news for them is that they are spoilt for choice at the moment because there’s never been a time like this for anybody who wants to buy or invest in a Premier League club because Liverpool and Manchester United are effectively for sale. And there are lots of other clubs who are looking for investment.

So, the Qataris want to buy or invest in a Premier League club. Liverpool, Manchester United are two of their targets. They are considering making a bid for a club.

But I still think there is also the possibility that they may just buy a minority stake in a club rather than by a club outright.”

Liverpool takeover update – Qatar consideration

Fans’ openness to new owners will always depend on whether the potential purchasers are state-backed or not. This is a topic that is hotly disputed throughout takeover talks.

For instance, in 2021, Newcastle United was acquired by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia for £300 million.

After that, there was a big outrage among competitor fans who disapproved of the so-called “sports washing” of a nation with a dismal history of respecting human rights.

As a result, many Liverpool fans declared they would never permit a state-owned investment at Anfield, such as PIF into Newcastle.

So it’s crucial to be clear about whether Qatar’s proposal would come from private investors or the government.

It is necessary to know the specifics of the potential owners because a private firm would be seen very differently.

FSG needs to start the process of a takeover immediately if Liverpool is to turn things around any time soon. So hopefully, the news is good.

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