Pep Guardiola makes claims ahead of Clash against Liverpool

Pep Guardiola makes a major claim on Liverpool ahead of the Premier League Clash.

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Pep Guardiola makes a major claim on Liverpool ahead of the Premier League Clash.

Despite Liverpool’s shaky start to the season, Pep Guardiola said his view of them hasn’t changed and quipped that he’s looking forward to a Mohamed Salah goal this weekend.

On Sunday, City will go to Anfield with the goal of passing the Reds in the Premier League standings by 16 points. Only twice this season have Jurgen Klopp’s players won league games.

However, Liverpool will enter the match after defeating Rangers 7-1 on Wednesday night in the Champions League, giving them a motivational boost. FC Copenhagen held City the previous evening to a scoreless draw.

Pep Guardiola makes Liverpool claim

When asked if Liverpool were his team’s biggest rival and whether they are a threat, Guardiola responded:

“The game will be won by what happens on the pitch, not because we are ahead [in the league].”

In his opinion, Liverpool hasn’t changed.  They are City’s greatest title threat and always have been.

Pep is aware of the quality they possess and that we possess. I don’t believe Liverpool could catch the league’s top team, in this example, Arsenal, with 10 games remaining. However, given the current situation and the World Cup, everything is possible.

Guardiola named consistency as one of his team’s finest accomplishments. His team’s consistency in finishing in the top two of the Premier League every season except one since he joined the club.

He said that this is our team’s greatest accomplishment. Everything is flexible. A few months ago, Liverpool was vying for four major English football trophies. They had the advantage in shots and possession throughout the final, yet they lost.

Things can happen because this is the same team and manager. It is a characteristic of competition. I don’t consider positive or negative moments. I always expect the best from my team when we analyze.

Anfield awaits Man City. YNWA!

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