People are now getting to know why Trent wears no. 66 jersey for Liverpool

Trent Liverpool no. 66

When the number two was available, Trent Alexander-Arnold chose to wear the number 66 jersey for Liverpool. Although the unusual numerals are not due to any personal importance.

Trent and the Iconic number 66 jersey for Liverpool

For Liverpool supporters, Trent Alexander-number Arnold’s 66 shirt has become legendary. However, the famed numerals have nothing to do with the player himself.

Alexander-Arnold, who made his debut in 2017 and has since established himself as one of the top offensive right-backs in European football, decided to keep his rookie number.

The 23-year-devotion old’s to the No. 66 was not initially motivated by any particular factors, but his early success under Jurgen Klopp contributed to the development of a bond.

Origin of Trent’s no.66 for LFC

In 2020, Liverpool’s kit management coordinator, Lee Radcliffe, provided an explanation of the number’s significance on the club’s official website.

Every young player starts off with high stats when they are young. Trent, though, did something unique. The Scouser won both the Champions League and the Premier League wearing that same jersey number.

That number is no longer just a number. It represents a local kid who achieved success.
And there is no doubt that the Liverpool right-back has achieved success. He serves as a living inspiration for several players in the academy and throughout the globe.

Since wearing it for the first time as a senior in a friendly match against Tranmere Rovers in 2016, the number has taken on a certain iconic status on Merseyside.

Alexander-Arnold has recently been the subject of much discussion over his defensive performance and potential inclusion in Gareth Southgate’s England World Cup roster.

In addition, his exquisite free-kick in midweek’s 2-0 Champions League victory against Rangers at home demonstrated exactly how deadly he can be moving forward, which may be as important for The Three Lions in Qatar.

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