Nothing at Liverpool will change unless Jurgen Klopp fixes a big flaw in his team

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp need to fix a flaw in the team

Currently sitting at 9th position, Liverpool are struggling in the Premier League. It became apparent that the situation won’t change at Liverpool unless Klopp addresses a major flaw in the squad.

A major flaw in the Liverpool squad that Jurgen Klopp can’t ignore anymore

If Liverpool’s upcoming six weeks serve as a type of mini-season before the winter World Cup, then this first game was just as painful as the actual one at Fulham in August.

Jurgen Klopp came back to the manager’s chair with a 3-3 tie against Brighton at Anfield after a 28-day absence from a Premier League match, but despite having had more than a month to analyse precisely what had gone horribly wrong during an inconsistent first half, the Reds were unable to get rid of the same flaws that had dogged them before the break.

There appears to be more hope than expectation behind the widely held belief that taking nearly a month off from the demands of top-flight work will let the batteries recharge. As far as this campaign is concerned, it was mostly the same old sluggish Liverpool in this encounter.

A task in hand against the Gunners

However, this season has been marked primarily by the absence of the characteristics of consistency and stability. The fact that Manchester City can increase their lead of 10 points with a victory against local rivals United on Sunday makes the 11-point difference between them and Arsenal at the top of the Premier League much more concerning.

It now makes the Reds’ trip to the hotly-favoured, in-form Gunners on Sunday a definite must-win for them already at this early point in the season.

According to pre-game statistics, Liverpool had gone undefeated in 26 home Premier League games going back more than 18 months. However, the more significant statistic is that they have not suffered a loss at Anfield in front of their own fans since April 2017.

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