Liverpool turnover to break records due to the great ongoing season

Liverpool turnover

It is reported that the turnover of Liverpool FC this season is going to break the roof and go to an all-time high touching skyrocket figures.

Liverpool are currently in the UEFA Champions League finals and have already won the League Cup. The Reds are to compete in the FA Cup final as well and can have their best season considering all competitions.

Liverpool turnover to reach an all-time high

Liverpool Football Club is not only having a good season on the pitch but also off it, i.e. financially.

The Anfield team is currently prospering from the financial aspects as well. They have already earned £100.3 million from CL participation, monetary price, UEFA coefficient and their TV dividend.

This could increase by another £3.84 million if they go on to win the upcoming final of the Champions League.

Liverpool are as well in talks for an £80 million shirt sponsorship deal after the 2023 season with Standard Chartered. The current £40 million deal which expires after the next season, is going to double by then.

They are also having a mega-deal with Kit Manufacturers Nike which goes above £100 million.

They are set to earn £96 million from matchday revenue alone this season, with one home game left. Moreover, extending the Anfield Road end stand, the revenue is only to go up next year.

Liverpool this season are on course to generate a record-breaking £580m in turnover. They are projected to earn the most amongst the other Premier League teams.

Liverpool’s form on the field

The Reds are currently in red hot form on the pitch as they have the opportunity to achieve the so-called “Quadruple” this season

The Merseyside club are just one Man City slip up from re-living their dream of a second PL Title in 3 years.

Liverpool are on their way to an unprecedented quadruple and looks in control in all the competitions.

With Jurgen Klopp as well extending his stay by 2 more years, everything seems to be going right for Liverpool at the moment.

One can say it’s only a matter of a few days when Liverpool would be ruling the world of football again.

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